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July 20, 2011




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CIM Pilot Project:  Yoga Skills Training to Alleviate Treatment-Related Symptoms of Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Supportive Intervention Program Study (SIPS)  will include participants undergoing chemotherapy for colorectal cancer who will receive one of two Supportive Intervention Programs:  brief yoga skills training OR education and counseling.


The study aims to: (1) investigate the feasibility of implementing a Yoga Skills Training (YST) for patients while they are receiving chemotherapy for colorectal cancer, (2) obtain preliminary data on the effect of the YST for reducing fatigue, other treatment-related symptoms, quality of life and (3) explore potential psychological (i.e., self-efficacy for coping) and physiological mediators (i.e., inflammatory cytokines). Results from this study may also have implications for expanding the reach of yoga to other oncology patients and creating a feasible means of integrating yoga into the treatment setting.

Principle Investigator:  Stephanie Sohl PhD 

Co-Investigators:  Nancy Avis PhD,  Suzanne Danhauer PhD,
Janet Tooze PhD, Mebea Aklilu MD, Srikanth Nagalla MD,

George Yacoub MD, Barbara Nicklas PhD




NIH Acupuncture in Menopause Study Acupuncture in Menopause (AIM) Study

Location:  WFUBMC - Winston-Salem, NC


Nancy Avis received a $2 million, five-year award from the National Institutes of Health to conduct a pragmatic trial of acupuncture for hot flashes.  Go to or contact Kristin Prevette at (336) 713-0246 for study and participant recruitment details.




WFBH Diabetes Care Center to data from the American Diabetes Association,
25.8 million people in our country have diabetes.   For a moment reflect on these concepts:  
blood glucose monitoring, insulin injections, walking, eating well,
and meditation.  How do these pieces fit into the puzzle of diabetes management?  We are all familiar with tools needed to manage diabetes such as blood glucose monitors, and healthy foods, but what about meditation?

When we see patients at the Diabetes Care Center, we assess their readiness to learn about diabetes management and then we consider an individual's barriers to making lifestyle changes.  For most people, the thought of  having a diabetes diagnosis along with checking blood sugars one to four times each day evokes a stress response.  Read more from Donna Kernodle, MPH,RD,CDE - Diabetes Educator.




Call for Papers:  EUJIM Special Issue - Integrity in Integrative Medicine  

Integrity in integrative medicine can refer to integrity of the practitioner (standard issues relevant for all professionals, and unique issues such as the ethics of selling supplements in one's practice, or ordering special tests done in one's own lab or radiology department), the ethics/integrity of walking the talk (living a healthy lifestyle), and the ethics of issues such as discussions about safety and effectiveness of conventional care (e.g., vaccines).

There are also unique ethical issues in research in integrative medicine (e.g., using substances or practices available in the community or over the counter - should participants pay? What effects might this have on adherence, outcomes, etc).

Submit your manuscripts online at , or contact Dr. Ava Lorenc at

Deadline for accepted papers:  October 15, 2011




Articles of Interest

Diet and Exercise

Herbs and Supplements

Mind / Body




Mindfulness Research Mindfulness Research Monthly articles include: 






Gaia Herbs FREE Webinars and Recordings

Gaia Herbs Professional Solutions 
Upcoming Webinars:

  • Sept 14th (3pm EST) - Dr. Mary Bove presents Pediatrics and Botanical Medicine
  • October 25th (2pm EST) - Dr. Tori Hudson presents Metabolic Issues and Botanical Medicine




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Diet and Exercise


Mind / Body





New Additions to CIM Library CIM Library has over 1,000 integrative medicine books, CD's, DVD's, and videos to lend to WFBH employees.   New additions to the library include:


  • Family Friendly Farming: A Multigenerational Home-Based Business Testament by Joel Salatin
  • You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start and Succeed in a Farming Enterprise by Joel Salatin


Contact for CIM Library information and loans.




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We welcome all types of donations, whether it is a one-time gift, a monthly donation, or resources for our Library (books, DVD's, CD's and videos).   And ... Making a donation is as easy as 1-2-3!


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Integrative Medicine Calendar of Events


Visit the CIM Calendar of Events for a complete listing of local, national and international integrative medicine related events!




Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Conference 12 - 16

Baltimore, MD


An epidemic of chronic disease threatens to compromise the health of our population and the effectiveness and economics of our healthcare system. Because of its focus on acute care, the current medical model fails to confront both the causes of and solutions for the chronic disease epidemic, and must be replaced with a model of comprehensive care and prevention that is systems-based, integrative, patient-centered, and much more effective. AFMCP has been designed to meet that challenge.   Learn more!





Evidence-Based IM Conference 17 & 18

Asheville, NC


The 4th Annual "Partnering Western Medicine and Complementary/ Integrative Therapies" evidence-based integrative medicine conference sponsored by Mission Hospitals Systems and MAHEC will  feature Alan Gaby, MD, and Patch Adams, MD.   Robert Browning from HeartMath will present a plenary, and Kathi Kemper, MD, MPH will present her latest research. 





The Space Between, A Mountain Retreat: Creating Sacred Space & Endless Possibilities

September 23

Blowing Rock, NC


Co-facilitators Andy Moretz and Nancy Elizabeth Green will share ideas and practical techniques from their professional and personal healing practices, offering participants the opportunity to move beyond limitations, and bring forth new possibilities for growth and change.  Participants will learn how the "sacred space" perspective can help them in their own personal and professional development. 12.0 hours CME.  Read more!





Where Energy Matters

The conference will bring together the pioneers in the field of energy medicine to share the latest findings in the subtle energy field.   PhDs, Scientists,  Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and others share with their latest findings in nutrition, water, sound, color, the bio-field , and the human body-field.  Learn more.




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