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Job Title: Nurse Asst II - ICU-4 Reynolds (Medicine)
Job ID: 4833
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Job Category: Nursing-Support
Location: Winston SAlem, NC North Carolina
Nursing-Support, Medical, Healthcare10/31/2013Regular full-time 12 hr. day shift with every other weekend rotation. Current NA I and NA II listings and CPR certification required. High school diploma or GED required.NAII for dayshift position in a 35 bed Medical ICU. FLSA Status: Non-Exempt Original Date: July 1996 Last Revision:...

Job Description

Regular full-time 12 hr. day shift with every other weekend rotation. Current NA I and NA II listings and CPR certification required. High school diploma or GED required.

NAII for dayshift position in a 35 bed Medical ICU.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Original Date: July 1996
Last Revision: September 2013

Provides assistance to the nursing staff by rendering specific treatments in addition to basic nursing care to assigned patients. Provides direct and indirect care following physician and nursing orders to achieve the highest standards of age/developmental specific care.

High School Diploma or GED.
Completion of a North Carolina Board of Nursing approved Nurse Aide II course or nursing student listed as a Nurse Aide II
Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) required

Nurse Manager

Listed with the North Carolina Board of Nursing as a Nurse Aide II
Listed with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Service Regulation Nurse Aide I Registry

1. Participates in the implementation of the nursing process by giving direct care to patients under the direction of the Registered Nurse (RN).
? Seeks opportunities to assist patient and coworkers.
? Seeks opportunities for education to improve patient care.
? Anticipates patient needs and takes action.
? Assists with admissions, transfers, discharges, pre- and post-operative care.
? Provides comfort measures/personal care such as bathing , shaving, mouth care, skin care, back rub, dressing and undressing and other related activities.
? Inspects skin for signs of abnormalities and/or breakdown; reports findings to RN in a timely manner.
? Completes errands, treatments/procedures in a timely manner.
? Obtains and records vital signs, weight, height, intake/output measurements, and specimens accurately and in a timely manner.
? Feeds or assists patients with feeding.
? Assists with elimination needs of offering bedpans/urinals, administers enemas, keeps incontinent patients clean and dry, breaks up and removes fecal impactions.
? Demonstrates correct technique and correct use of equipment (i.e., lifts, specific adaptive equipment) when turning and positioning, performing range of motion exercises, transferring and ambulating patients.
? Cares for the dying patient and provides post-mortem care.
? Performs additional duties/tasks as assigned.

2. Creates and maintains a safe and therapeutic environment for patients, self, co-workers, and facility.
? Responds correctly to emergencies.
? Maintains a safe and therapeutic physical environment (i.e., hallways, utility rooms, par stock, kitchen, etc) and minimizes risk of injury by promoting fall precautions, use of call bell, side rails, and other safety precautions, including the use of appropriate lift equipment.
? Consistently maintains privacy and confidentiality.
? Promotes customer satisfaction through responsive, non-judgmental, respectful and professional behavior.
? Serves as an advocate for patients/families.
? Adheres to policies and procedures related to equipment usage.
? Stores supplies and equipment correctly.
? Demonstrates correct technique when performing point of care/waived testing (i.e., fecal occult blood, urine dip stick analysis, urine ketones, and blood glucose monitoring).
? Collaborates with RN prior to application of restraints, including seeking alternative measures to restraints.
? Checks restraints per policy.
? Adheres to suicide precaution guidelines.
? Recognizes and correctly reports indications of abuse and/or neglect (i.e., emotion, physical and sexual).
? Remains alert and attentive to video monitoring. Issues polite, and respectful reminders to patients to wait and call for assistance prior to getting up. Alerts nursing staff in a timely manner of the needs of patients on video monitors. Ensures a care provider has responded in a timely manner to high risk patients.

3. Ensures complete, accurate and timely communication of patient information.
? Completes all parts of the documentation system (i.e., computerized, paper, etc) per hospital/unit policies.
? Documents on correct forms (i.e., Plan of Care, Patient Care Record, Patient/Family Education Form, OR Checklist).
? Completes documentation in a timely manner.
? Assists with collection and documentation of quality improvement data.

4. Performs special procedures correctly under the direction of Registered Nurse (RN).
? Follows policy and procedure when applying heat/cold (i.e., compresses, socks, and cooling/heating devices).
? Prevents and cares for decubitus ulcers (i.e., turning, repositioning, range of motion).
? Performs surgical/procedural skin preps and scrubs.
? Changes non-sterile dressings using clean technique.
? Changes sterile dressings on wounds that are over 48-hours old.
? Applies Ace bandages, TEDs, binders and other compression devices.
? Applies and removes EKG monitor leads.
? Irrigates wounds.
? Empties drainage devices from body cavities/wounds.
? Assists with peripheral intravenous therapy, including assembling/flushing tubing during set-up; monitoring flow rate; performing site care/dressing change; and discontinuing infusions.
? Assists with nutritional support activities, including oral/nasogastric infusions (after placement verification by licensed nurse), gastrostomy feedings, clamping feeding tubes, and removing oral/nasogastric feeding tubes.
? Maintains patent airway by oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal suctioning.
? Cares for the patient receiving oxygen by ensuring proper room/portable equipment set-up and monitoring flow rate.
? Performs tacheostomy care including suctioning of tracheostomy tube.
? Assists with special elimination procedures including ostomy care, ostomy irrigation, urinary catheterizations and irrigation of urinary catheter tubing

5. Communicates to the team, co-workers, patients and family members in an effective, positive and professional manner.
? Communicates to team members clearly, concisely and accurately.
? Communicates critical patient information in a timely and effective manner to correct team members.
? Consistently promotes a positive and cooperative work environment by utilizing therapeutic communication skills.
? Utilizes listening skills and shows sensitivity.
? Maintains composure in difficult situations.
? Communicates and addresses conflict with correct personnel, utilizes listening skills and shows sensitivity.
? Communicates correct information to patients and family members in a courteous and prompt manner.
? Answers telephone within 3-5 rings and in a courteous manner, identifies self and location.
? Answers call bell within 2-3 rings and in a courteous manner, identifying self.
? Communicates correct information to patients and family members prior to and during procedures.
? Exhibits positive and professional nonverbal behaviors (i.e., body language and gestures) when interacting with co-workers, patients, and family members.

6. Takes personal responsibility and initiative for performance and for professional growth and development.
? Accepts responsibility and accountability for the care given to assigned patients.
? Collaborates with other healthcare team members.
? Demonstrates ability to accept constructive criticism from peers and management.
? Works well with co-workers.
? Maintains professional competence by demonstrating self-direction for continuing education (i.e., competency skills checklist and NAI listing renewal).
? Attends all required classes.
? Demonstrates flexibility by accepting reassignments to other units and/or alternate shifts.
? Acts as a resource for patient care issues, new staff and students.
? Assists with orientation of new staff
? Participates in staff meetings/inservices.
? Keeps informed/updated regarding unit/hospital policies/issues.
? Participates in the identification, data collection and correct resolution of problems that may involve patients, nursing unit and/or nursing staff through quality improvement activities.

7. Provides age/developmental appropriate patient care in accordance with Age/Developmental Specific Care Guidelines for the specific age groups served.
? Utilizes knowledge of age/developmental specific data (motor/sensory, mental, psychosocial, safety and developmental norms) when observing/caring for patients, performing procedures or tasks, documenting patient response and modifying approaches to care.
? Integrates knowledge of age/developmental specific care needs related to disease processes, diagnostic tests, treatment modalities and safety issues.
? Utilizes knowledge of age/developmental specific care needs during an emergency response or when utilizing emergency equipment.
? Utilizes communication skills in obtaining and providing information and conveying patient needs sensitive to age and developmental level of the individual patient/family.
? Maintains competence related to age/developmental specific patient care by regularly updating knowledge of growth and development, the aging process, and strategies to meet related needs.

Ability to provide direct and indirect patient care in accordance with age/developmental unit specific standards of care.
Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and communication skills (verbal, nonverbal and listening).
Ability to work in a continually changing work environment.

May be exposed to infections and contagious diseases
Occasionally exposed to radiation hazards
Exposed to cleaning agents/chemicals
Contact with patients under wide variety of circumstances
Subject to many interruptions
Occasionally subjected to irregular hours
Uses personal protective equipment

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Computers are available for applying within the lobby of the Human Resources Department located at 1920 West First Street, (on the corner of Miller and First Street) Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104. You may also call our office for assistance at (336) 716-0175. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.

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