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Phone: 336-716-4548  
Fax: 336-716-4480

Lynne Wagenknecht, DrPH
Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Research

Paula Means, MPA
Assistant Dean for Research  

Laurie Molloy, MBA
Director of Research Centers  
Phone: 716-0576

Shanna Ellison
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-716- 6861  

Andrea Nance
Program Manager
Phone: 336-716-0296 

Pattie Smith
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 336-716-0280 

Office of Sponsored Programs 

Phone: 336-716-2382
Phone:  336-716-9359  
Fax: 336-716-4480 

Meredith Rentz, MS 
Phone: 336-713-0271

Ryan Favreau
Assistant Director
Phone:  336-713-5306

Robyn Gore
Assistant Director
Phone:  336-716-2846

Stephanie Torgeson
Grants Accounting Manager  
Phone: 336-716-6648  

Jean Benefiel, MBA
Financial Analyst II  
Phone: 716-8732

Lisa Burnett
Contract Administrator I  
Phone: 336-716-9369

Bonnie Coe
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-716-2382

Alicia Darnell
Contract Administrator II
Phone:  336-716-8793

Jamie Elter
Contract Administrator II
Phone:  336-713-7610

Penny Gatsis
Grants & Contracts Administrator II
Phone:  336-716-0780

Diane Hall
Financial Analyst I  
Phone: 336-713-4271 

Shawnee Haney
Grant Accountant II  
Phone: 336-716-4523

Jan Hauser
Grant Accounting Assistant  
Phone: 336-716-0253

Angela Horton
Senior Grants & Contracts Administrator
Phone:  336-716-1433   

Kristina Leonard
Contract Administrator II
Phone:  336-716-9379

Ernie Lookabill
Grant Accountant II  
Phone: 336-716-2405

Tim Pack
Grant Accountant II  
Phone: 336-716-4226

Maria Perkins
Contract Administrator II
Phone:  336-716-5408

Cody Pilon, JD
Contract Administrator I
Phone: 336-716-5485

April Poteat
Grant Accountant II  
Phone: 336-716-6311

Kim Southern
Grants & Contracts Administrator I
Phone:  336-716-9359

Tricia Strupe
Grant Accountant I  
Phone: 336-716-0624

Michele Tuttle
Contract Administrator II
Phone:  336-716-7335

Richard Wagner
Grant Accountant II  
Phone: 336-716-0663

Kim Yates
Senior Grants & Contracts Administrator/Electronic Research Administration Specialist
Phone:  336-716-3249 

Institutional Review Board

Phone: 336-716-4542  
Fax: 336-716-9902

Joseph Andrews, PhD

Richard Weinberg, MD
Executive Chairman

Brian Moore
Assistant Director

Jeanie Baird
Program Manager

Karen Jackson
Protocol Analyst

Emily Smith
Protocol Analyst

Sarah Stanfield
Administrative Secretary

Jeannie Tullock
Protocol Analyst II

Kathy Walker
Protocol Analyst  

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Phone: 336-716-3540
Fax: 336-716-4480

David J. Lyons, PhD

Jessica Baker
Assistant Director

MJ (Busa) Fitzgerald
Protocol Analyst II

Miranda Moore
Protocol Analyst I

Research Monitoring Oversight  (Animal)

Phone: 336-716-4127
Fax: 336-716-4480

Colleen Bennett
Oversight and Outreach Manager

Vicky Cook
Animal Monitoring and Oversight Specialist

Research Monitoring Oversight  (Human) 

Phone: 336-716-6928  
Fax: 336-716-4480

Mary Beth Ragusky
Human Monitoring and Oversight Specialist

Research Support Core

Phone: 336-713-3227
Fax:  336-713-2304 

Karen Klein
Associate Director

Conflict of Interest 

Phone: 336-713-2990

Teresa Anderson

Environmental Health & Safety  

Phone:  336-716-5576

Feodor Bijkersma

Quick Reference

Office of Research

Main Line 336-716-4548
Concern Hotline

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