Lennon Family

Lennon Family
The Lennon Family

My mother always told me she conceived me practically the same day she and my father decided to start a family, and I never doubted I would have the same experience.  So when my husband, Andy, and I made the decision after 2 years of marriage, I was very excited and began preparing to be pregnant right away. I threw away my pills, broke out the thermometer (same method as mom) and waited patiently to take my test.

That first negative test was on my birthday.  It would not be the only negative test on my birthday, or Mother’s Day, or a day that would make me be due on a cool or special day.  After the first 6 months, I started self-diagnosing, and managed to convince my OBGYN to run some tests, even though it had not yet been a year and I was under 35.  Starting then, and for the next two years, issues were found and treated but nothing resulted in anything more than a single line on the test.  I took progesterone suppositories; Clomid; underwent laparoscopic surgery, and a few IUI’s, all with the same results.  I lived my life in chunks of hopeful, two week never-ending wait, and disappointed.  I really began to believe that I would remain childless and it turned me into an ugly, bitter person.  My patient husband, who had no fertility issues at all, was by my side the whole time, but could not fully understand my feelings that my body had failed me.

Finally after almost three years, I decided to stop wasting money on futile treatments and go for broke.  That’s when we sought out the help of a professional and found Dr. Yalcinkaya and the good folks at Wake Forest Center for Reproductive Medicine.  After the consultation, we jumped right into our first IVF cycle.  It was 2006 and the office was in a state of transition, but the service we received was outstanding.  Every panicked phone call I made was patiently dealt with and every visit was a good experience.

That two week wait after our three little embryos were implanted was by far the longest and most stressful of all but when I heard the magic words from Melissa, it made my whole world right again.  The prior three years flashed before me and were swallowed up in my excitement.  I was pregnant, with twins.  I lost one of the twins, but went on to deliver a beautiful, healthy baby boy in April of 2007.  He is now a beautiful, healthy, giggly three year old and I appreciate that I have him every single day.  My blessings were doubled in May of 2010 when my daughter joined the family after another successful round of IVF with Dr. Yalcinkaya.

Infertility can be very difficult and painful. Dr. Yalcinkaya and his staff provide those of us who experience it much needed support and understanding, as well as the confidence that they will do everything possible to help realize the dream of parenthood. 

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