Hayashida Lab Publications

Hayashida Lab Publications

  1. Gutierrez S, Hayashida KI, Eisenach JC. The puerperium alters spinal cord plasticity following peripheral nerve injury. Neuroscience 2013: 228:301-8.
  2. Gutierrez S, Lu B, Hayashida KI, Houle TT, Eisenach JC. Reversal of Peripheral Nerve Injury-induced Hypersensitivity in the Postpartum Period: Role of Spinal Oxytocin. Anesthesiology 2013: 188:152-9. K
  3. Kimura M, Hayashida KI, Eisenach JC, Saito S, Obata H. Relief of Hypersensitivity after Nerve Injury from Systemic Donepezil Involves Spinal Cholinergic and γ-Amino Butyric Acid Mechanisms. Anesthesiology 2013: 188:173-80.
  4. Hayashida KI, Kimura M, Yoshizumi M, Hobo S, Obata H, Eisenach JC. Ondansetron reverses anti-hypersensitivity from clonidine in rats following peripheral nerve injury: Role of γ-amino butyric acid (GABA) in α2-adrenoceptor and 5-HT3 serotonin receptor analgesia. Anesthesiology 2012: 117: 389-398.
  5. Yoshizumi M, Parker RA, Eisenach JC, Hayashida KI. Gabapentin inhibits γ-Amino butyric acid release in the locus coeruleus but not in the spinal dorsal horn after peripheral nerve injury in rats. Anesthesiology 2012: 116: 1347-53.
  6. Hayashida KI, Peters CM, Gutierrez S, Eisenach JC. Depletion of endogenous noradrenaline enhances spinal cord plasticity following peripheral nerve injury. J Pain 2012: 13:49-57.
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  11. Hayashida KI, Eisenach JC. A tropomyosine receptor kinase inhibitor blocks spinal neuroplasticity essential for the anti-hypersensitivity effects of gabapentin and clonidine in rats. with peripheral nerve injury. J pain 2011: 12: 94-100.
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  35. Hayashida K: Interaction between secretory responses to nicotine and muscarine from perfused adrenal gland of the guinea pig. Jap J Vet Res 1996; 44: 27.

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