Lipid Sciences Faculty

Paul A. Dawson, PhD: 

  • Teaching Interests: Molecular Medicine, Molecular Genetics. 
  • Research Interests: Molecular Biology of Cholesterol and Bile Acid Metabolism; Intestinal Transporters; Inflammatory Bowel Disease.   
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John S. Parks, PhD:   

  • Teaching Interests: Lipoprotein Metabolism and Structure, Lipoprotein Modifying Enzymes.  
  • Research Interests: High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Formation and Catabolism, Molecular Mechanisms by which Lecithin:Colesterol Acyltransferase (LCAT) Prevents Atherosclerosis, Molecular Mechanisms by which Botanical Oils and Fish Oil Impact Atherosclerosis and Inflammation.   
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Lawrence L. Rudel, PhD: 

  • Teaching Interests: Disturbances in Plasma Lipoprotein Metabolism, Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Metabolism, Atherosclerosis and Nutrition, Pathophysiology of Cholesterol and Bile Acids.  
  • Research Interests: Nutrition in Atherosclerosis, Dietary Fatty Acids in Cardiovascular Disease, Hepatic Cholesterol Metabolism and Gene Regulation, Primate Liver Perfusion, Plasma Lipoprotein Metabolism, Cholesterol Ester Formation.    
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Gregory S. Shelness, PhD:    

  • Teaching Interests: Molecular Biology, Pathobiology of Atherosclerosis, Pathologic Biochemistry, Disturbances in Lipoprotein Metabolism.      
  • Research Interests: Secretory Protein Biogenesis, Lipoprotein Metabolism.   
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Mary G. Sorci-Thomas, PhD:  

  • Teaching Interests: Molecular Genetics; Pathobiology of Atherosclerosis; Lipoprotein Cholesterol Metabolism.     
  • Research Interests: Mechanisms Relating Inflammation and Atherosclerosis; Association of Dietary Cholesterol and the Onset of Autoimmunity; Structure and Function of Apolipoproteins; High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Formation and Metabolism; Activation of Lecithin:Cholesterol Acyltransferase by Apolipoprotein (Apo) A-I.   
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Xuewei Zhu, PhD:

  • Research Interests: Lipid metabolism and immune cell function and their roles in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory diseases.
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Richard W. St. Clair, PhD, Professor Emeritus:

  • Teaching Interests: Dyslipoproteinemias, Atherosclerosis, Vascular Disease.  
  • Research Interests: Experimental Atherosclerosis in Animal Models (Monkeys, Pigeons, Rabbits), Arterial Wall Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism, Lipoprotein Metabolism by Cells in Culture (Macrophages, Smooth Muscle Cells, etc.) Mechanisms of Cellular Cholesterol Efflux, Estrogen and Macrophage Foam Cell Formation.  

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Pathology - Lipid Sciences
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