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The Drug Information Service Center (DISC) provides health care professionals with up-to-date, objective, clinically applicable information to ensure the safe, appropriate and cost-effective use of medications.

The DISC is located in the Coy C. Carpenter Library and is open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. To contact the Drug Information Service Center, health care professionals should call (336) 716-2037.

The Drug Information Service Center does not provide consumer information. Consumers are encouraged to contact their physician or pharmacist for information or concerns about their medications.

Examples of the types of medication-related information the Drug Information Service Center frequently provides to health care professionals include:

  • Dosing, Dosing Schedule, and Routes of Administration
  • Dosing Adjustments in Renal or Hepatic Dysfunction
  • Therapeutic Indications
  • Drug Product Availability
  • Drug Identification (including foreign drugs)
  • Adverse Drug Reactions and Side Effects
  • Drug Interactions (Drug-Drug, Drug-Food, Drug-Lab)
  • Drug Compatibility and Stability
  • Drug Use during Breast Feeding
  • Teratogenicity Potential
  • Pharmacokinetic Information
  • Therapeutic Alternatives
  • Investigational Drug Information
  • General Therapeutic Information

The Drug Information Service Center maintains a comprehensive collection of reference texts and computer resources. Additional resources available to the Drug Information Service Center include the computer resources and 154,000 volumes of the Coy C. Carpenter Library.

The Drug Information Service Center combines information retrieval with a critical evaluation of the literature and, when available, incorporates patient specific information to provide health care professionals with a timely, clinically useful response to requests for information on medication use. The Drug Information Service Center is also involved in a variety of educational and research activities such as:

  • Conducting lectures on pharmacology, therapeutics, and drug information.
  • Evaluation of literature for pharmacy, medical nursing and allied health science students
  • Providing practical experience in drug information for pharmacy students and residents by serving as a clinical rotation site. 
  • Participating in the continuing education programs of the Northwest Area Health Education Center.
  • Research activities include ongoing research in the study of drugs and in the science of information retrieval.

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