Kadie S. Vanderman

Vanderman, Kadie Photo

Fifth Year PhD Student, 2015 - 2016

Year Matriculated: 

Email address: kvanderm@wakehealth.edu

Education: University of Kentucky; M.S., Veterinary Science
Pennsylvania State University; B.S., Animal Sciences

Advisor: Cristin M. Ferguson, MD; Orthopaedic Surgery

Research Interests: Response of joint tissue to anabolic factors during osteoarthritis, role of meniscus in the development of osteoarthritis, therapies to induce articular cartilage and meniscus repair.

Conference Abstracts:
Abstract entitled “Effects of Osteoarthritis on Meniscus Cell Response to Osteogenic Protein 1” was accepted for oral presentation at the Osteoarthritis Research Society International World Congress in Paris, France, April 2014. 

Stone, A.V., Loeser, R.F., Vanderman, K.S., Long, D.L., Ferguson, C.M. Pro-inflammatory stimulation of meniscus cells increases production of matrix metalloproteinases and additional catabolic factors involved in osteoarthritis pathogenesis. OA and Cartilage. 2013 Dec 3. [Epub ahead of print]

Willey, J.S., Long, D. L., Vanderman K.S., Loeser, R.F. 2013. Ionizing Radiation Causes Active Degradation and Reduces Matrix Synthesis in Articular Cartilage. Int J Radiat Biol. 89(4):268-77.
Vanderman, K.S., Tremblay, M., Zhu, W., Shimojo, M., Mienaltowski, M.J., Coleman, S.J., MacLeod, J.N. 2011. Brother of CDO (BOC) Expression in Articular Cartilage. OA and Cartilage. 19:435-438.

Vanderman, K.S., Swinker, A.M., Gill, B.E., Radhakrishna, R.B., Kniffen, D.M., Staniar, W.B. , McKernan, H.B., Miller, R.C. 2009. Survey on the Implementation of National Equine Identification in the United States. JEVS. 29:819-822.

Vanderman, K.S., Dreschel, N.A., Swinker, A.M., Kniffen, D.M., Radhakrishna, R.B., Werner, J.R., Jedrzejewski, E.A. 2009. Equine Veterinarians' and Health Care Professionals' Concerns Related to the Implementation of the National Equine Identification System. JEVS. 29:823-827.

Swinker, A.M., Vanderman, K.S., Kniffen, D.M., Gill, B.E., McKernan, H.B., Gerber, M.I., Graeff, A.L. 2009. Case Study: A Survey Overview of United States Equine Show and Event Managers on the National Equine Identification System. Professional Animal Scientist 25:774-778.

Swinker, A.M., Vanderman, K.S., Kniffen, D.M., Gill, B.E., McKernan, H.B., Gerber, M.I., Graeff, A.L. 2009. Case Study: Equine Identification in an Amish Community, an Overview of a Survey Conducted in Pennsylvania. Professional Animal Scientist. 25:779-785.

MMTS Travel Award to attend the Osteoarthritis Research Society International World Congress, Paris, France, April 2014. 

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Molecular Medicine and Translational Science Graduate Program

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