While Lexington Medical Center (LMC) has added or expanded staff, technology, a rehabilitation services complex, an emergency department and a joint replacement unit to better serve patients, a great challenge remains: our operating rooms (ORs).

To fulfill our mission to improve health and serve our growing community, LMC is committed to building a new 26,500-square-foot facility to house four new ORs, a 1,200-square-foot waiting area, two private family consult rooms, nine post-op recovery bays and one post-op isolation room. For patient convenience, this new space will be connected to the main hospital and will serve all our surgical procedures—from cases that may require a hospital stay to minimally invasive, outpatient procedures. The four existing ORs, with the largest just over 400 square feet, will be repurposed to meet other patient care needs.

We are empowering a $3 million community-driven campaign with significant support from Wake Forest Baptist Health and creating a partnered investment in health care that will resonate throughout our region for decades. 

In addition to general surgeries, such as gall bladder procedures, breast lumpectomies and appendectomies, more complex surgeries are now performed regularly at LMC. Many of these are minimally invasive, such as arthroscopy and laparoscopy. These require fewer, smaller incisions than open surgeries and rely on special instruments and advanced technology to ensure the most precise work.

This new OR space will:

  • Provide an upgraded, appealing and comfortable setting for patients who need such procedures and other advancements yet to come.
  • Help attract and retain the most talented physicians to our community, expand our base of medical providers and attract new patients.
  • Allow us to incorporate medical advancements sooner, ensuring that our community has access to the latest procedures.

Our best medical providers need the best and most modern setting to provide the best care. Please join us by lending your support to LMC for greatly improved Operating Rooms.