Resident Reflections - Critical Care Residency

Liz Kowalik, PharmDLiz Kowalik, PharmD

After my first exposure to the intensive care unit as a pharmacy student, I have always had the goal of becoming a critical care pharmacist and having the opportunity to work with an integrated medical team. I was looking for a critical care residency program at a large academic medical center with multiple specialized intensive care units, with strongly integrated pharmacy services, and a large critical care pharmacy team. These were all factors that I found at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The opportunity to work and learn in numerous specialized intensive care units is a very exciting learning experience. Along with the many critical care pharmacy services, there is a large group of pharmacists with whom I will have the opportunity to work and learn from this year. Additionally, I was looking for a challenging program that would push me to become a very well-rounded and adept critical care pharmacist. Through the project, committee, and teaching opportunities this year, I believe that this program will leave me well prepared to begin my career. I am so excited for this year and the many opportunities that I will have to grow.