Resident Reflections - Infectious Diseases Residency

Liz Caulder, PharmDLiz Caulder, PharmD

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center not only met, but exceeded all of the qualities I was looking for in a residency program. I knew that I wanted to continue my clinical training through a PGY1 and a PGY2 residency at a tertiary academic medical center. Wake Forest Baptist Health provided many acute care rotation opportunities and a multidisciplinary environment that would allow me to teach, learn, and grow on a daily basis. WFBH had impressive research opportunities, a teaching certificate, and many flexible rotation options. What ultimately solidified my decision to pursue a residency at WFBH was the supportive and caring environment of the pharmacy department. I was overwhelmed by the passion for patient care and the incredible culture that WFBH upholds. Going into my PGY2 year, I am proud to call WFBH home and excited for another great year!