Resident Reflections - Oncology Residency

Marin Abousaud, PharmD, 2020

Marin Abousaud, PharmDAfter researching various large academic medical centers and speaking with the past and current Wake Forest Baptist Health residents, I knew Wake Forest Baptist was where I wanted to complete my PGY1 and PGY2 residency training. Wake Forest Baptist offered many of the qualities I was seeking in a residency program such as a wide variety of clinical rotations, superb mentorship and research opportunities, and a diverse patient population. With all of these incredible opportunities, the deciding factor that ultimately made me chose Wake Forest Baptist and made me decide to stay another year was the family atmosphere. Each preceptor is truly dedicated to your personal and professional development which was very important to me. I’m so honored to work alongside and learn from some of the best healthcare professionals in the nation and I’m very excited for what PGY2 has in store for me!

Alyssa Bradshaw, PharmD, 2020

Alyssa Bradshaw, PharmDThe environment at Wake Forest Baptist Health is inspiring! The people here are like family and strive to encourage you, while also challenging you to grow as a more competent and confident clinical pharmacist. I wanted to complete my residency at an academic medical center that offered a wide variety of learning opportunities through elective rotations, longitudinal projects and opportunities to teach and precept students. Wake Forest Baptist Health offered all of these opportunities along with specialized clinical preceptors and a supportive family environment. I was originally drawn to Wake Forest Baptist Health because it is a nationally recognized academic medical center and comprehensive cancer center. I pursued early-commitment because my years here as a student and PGY1 were enjoyable and showed me how much more I could learn here as an oncology pharmacy resident. My husband and I have also become very involved with the local community and love living in Winston-Salem. I am so thankful to be here and am excited for the journey ahead!

Austin Lucas, PharmD, 2020

Austin Lucas, PharmDI chose to pursue a residency at Wake Forest Baptist Health because I wanted to train in an institution dedicated to providing the best patient care while also being committed to developing pharmacy residents into clinical specialists. The oncology residency program here at Wake Forest Baptist provides strong and diverse clinical experiences in both the inpatient and outpatient settings which will prepare you to practice wherever you choose to go. Wake Forest Baptist also has exceptional preceptors and a supportive environment to learn and develop as an oncology pharmacist. 

Kendall Miller, PharmDKendall Miller, PharmD, 2020

I’m excited to call North Carolina my home away from home for the next year.  The opportunities to train at a nationally recognized medical center, learn from exceptional preceptors, and experience diverse practice settings are the reasons I was drawn to Wake Forest Baptist Health.



Laura Bowers, PharmD

Laura Bowers, PharmD, 2019

I had the opportunity to complete the majority of my P4 rotations at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and knew early in the year that I wanted to pursue a residency here. I was fortunate to complete my PGY1 residency at Wake Forest Baptist Health and stay on as a PGY2 oncology resident. The programs at Wake Forest Baptist provide strong clinical rotations and a supportive environment to foster professional development. The oncology residency program offers diverse training in both inpatient and outpatient oncology services. The exceptional preceptors offer endless mentorship and are fully invested in your training. Wake Forest Baptist prides itself on producing exceptional leaders in pharmacy through extensive involvement in research, precepting, presentations, and administrative experiences. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to continue my training at Wake Forest Baptist!

Lauren Curry, PharmDLauren Curry, PharmD, 2019

My ultimate goal as a pharmacist has always been to make a genuine, lasting impact on my patients' health. To do this, I wanted to continue my training through a PGY2 program to become an autonomous, knowledgeable, and competent clinical oncology pharmacist. The PGY2 oncology program at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center offered everything I was looking for, including a diverse training experience in a variety of rotations that offered opportunities to enhance my teaching and research skills. Most importantly, this residency program has allowed me to work with preceptors that were genuinely invested in each resident’s personal and professional growth and to become a part of a residency class that feels like family. The opportunity to collaborate with leading health care professionals, learn from dedicated pharmacy mentors, and train in a clinical setting at a nationally recognized medical facility is what drew me to Wake Forest Baptist Health, and the chance to work with such an amazing group of people would make me chose Wake Forest Baptist for my residency program again and again. I am so grateful to be a member of the Wake Forest Baptist pharmacy team and am looking forward to the amazing journey ahead!

Stephen Lirette, PharmDStephen Lirette, PharmD, 2019

I have always been interested in pursuing a career in oncology and was afforded the opportunity to work as a PRN staff pharmacist in the outpatient infusion clinics last year when my wife and I moved to North Carolina. During this time, my interest in oncology only grew. I got to experience firsthand how great our oncology pharmacists are and how well they care for their patients. I decided I wanted to pursue the PGY2 in oncology because it would facilitate the learning I desire to help care for oncology patients and build skills that I would need to obtain a career as an oncology pharmacy practice professor at a school of pharmacy.

Liz Rogers, PharmD, MPHLiz Rogers, PharmD, MPH, 2019

Throughout pharmacy school, I have always had a strong desire for academia and knew upon graduation that I wanted to complete a residency at a large academic medical center. While researching programs that aligned with my goals as a future clinician, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center emerged amongst other programs. The numerous PGY2 pharmacy specialty programs, countless clinical rotations, variety of research experiences, as well as additional leadership, mentorship, and precepting opportunities were extremely appealing to me. Although Wake Forest Baptist Health achieved everything I wanted professionally, it was not until my interview that I knew this was the perfect place for me to continue my education. The overwhelming support, guidance, mentorship, and inspiration displayed by Wake Forest Baptist preceptors on my interview was astounding. In this moment, I knew at Wake Forest Baptist that I would be surrounded by a strong group of pharmacists wanting me to succeed. Throughout my PGY1 year, the amount of support was tremendous and I could not imagine completing my PGY2 at any other program. It is so encouraging to know that every preceptor is truly invested in my future and willing to assist in my professional development. I am beyond excited to continue my pharmacy career as a PGY2 Oncology resident at Wake Forest Baptist.