COVID-19 Community Research Partnership - Study Results and Data

Our goal is to enroll a representative sample of participants from our region in the COVID-19 Community Partnership Research study over the next few months, with particular interest in the elderly (age 65 and older) and racial/ethnic minority groups. The data below reflects study participation since April 2020. Additional data will be included in the future.


Updated 10/16/2020

  • Current study enrollment: 19,316
  • Study participants who get antibody tests: 6,111
  • Percentage of antibody test participants with at least one positive antibody test: 10.1%
  • Percentage of antibody test participants who have had a positive test in the last week: about 2%
  • Completed daily symptom logs since the study began: 1,966,565

See more explanation about these numbers below.

Study Participants Who Have the Antibody

Cumulative Percent Seropositive Among Participants

More About This Chart

There are more than 19,000 participants enrolled in the study. About 6,111 of them have taken at least one antibody test - this is shown in green. Of those 6,111 who took an antibody test, about 619 (10.1%) of them have had at least one positive antibody test - this is shown in blue. This number will continue to grow. To have a positive antibody test means that a person has previously been infected with COVID-19 and has developed an immune response to the virus. We cannot determine with these tests if someone is actively infected with COVID-19.

Positive Antibody Tests Per Day

This chart shows the number and percentage of participants who tested positive on each day during the study as well as the weekly average of positive tests.

 Daily Rates of Antibody Tests

More About This Chart

There are about 6,111 participants who have taken at least 1 antibody test. Most of those 6,111 participants have taken several antibody tests – each participant takes a test approximately every 2 months during the study. 

Each day, we get results for between 5 and 300 antibody tests – these are represented by the blue bars above. Each day, the number of positive tests is between 0 and 24 – these are represented by the red bars above. 

The dark blue line shows the percent of tests that were positive in the previous seven days. Over the course of the study to date, this number has moved between 0 and 9%. Note the percentages are on the right side of the chart.

Test Results by Location

Participants Pinmap 

Study Participants by Zip Code

Participants by zip code 

Study Participants by Age

Participants by Age