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Hazardous Materials Spill Procedures

For Carcinogen, Reproductive Toxin or Highly Toxic Chemicals:

  • Evacuate area immediately, regardless of spill amount.
  • Close doors to spill area.
  • Do not enter the contaminated area.
  • Contact Emergency Dispatch at 716-9111.

For Minor Chemical Spills (Less than 300 cc) except for the above:

  • Alert people in the immediate area of the spill.
  • Avoid breathing vapors.
  • Use proper personal protective equipment, including gloves, eye protection, lab coat and/or spill apron.
  • Use appropriate material to neutralize spill material.
  • Place material in an appropriate container, label and dispose as chemical waste.

For Major Chemical Spills (More than 300 cc):

  • Alert people in the area to evacuate.
  • Do not enter the contaminated area.
  • Contact Emergency Dispatch at 716-9111.
  • If spilled material is flammable, and without placing yourself at risk, turn off ignition sources.
  • Close doors to spill area.
  • Have knowledgeable people to assist emergency personnel once on-scene.

For Blood or Body Fluids:

  • Use personal protective equipment (gloves) and eye protection.
  • Use paper towels to absorb spill.
  • Once spill is absorbed, discard paper towels in red biohazard bag.
  • Spray area with hospital-grade disinfectant and allow contact for 10 minutes.
  • Wipe dry with paper towels.
  • Discard paper towels in red biohazard bag. Discard gloves in same bag.
  • Wash hands.


For Minor Spills (uCi amounts):

  • Cover the spill with absorbent paper.
  • Notify persons in the area that a spill has occurred. I
  • If necessary, evacuate personnel to a safe distance in order to limit the chance of further spread of contamination and reduce risk of exposure.
  • Wear disposable gloves; use tongs. Do not handle directly.
  • Carefully fold the absorbent paper or pad.
  • Perform a survey of the immediate area and decontaminate the area as necessary.
  • Treat all cleaning items as radioactively contaminated.
  • Place waste material in clear plastic bag.
  • Report the incident to Radiation Safety at 716-1201.

For Major Spills (mCi amounts):

  • Notify all persons not involved in the spill to vacate the room.
  • Cover the spill with absorbent towels or pads but do NOT attempt to clean up.
  • Leave the room, shut the door to prevent further entry.
  • Immediately notify Radiation Safety at 716-1201.
  • Stay in the immediate area and retain all involved personnel in a safe area outside the room.
  • Personnel may be monitored for potential contamination.
  • Person responsible for the spill may need to submit a written report of the incident to the RSO.
  • Notify Environmental Health and Safety 716-9375.
  • Have a person knowledgeable of the incident and area assist emergency personnel.
  • Document names of persons potentially contaminated.


Last Updated: 09-27-2016
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