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Cochlear Implant Surgery in North Carolina

Our physicians at Wake Forest Baptist are highly experienced in performing cochlear implant surgery for both adult and pediatric patients. We work with audiologists to determine if a cochlear implant might benefit patients who have lost their ability to understand speech, even at loud levels, in both ears. We also offer the Baha® (bone anchored hearing aid) speech processor for individuals who have single-sided deafness or permanent conductive hearing loss.

About Cochlear Implant Surgery

Cochlear implant surgery is an electronic, surgically implanted device that can provide individuals with severe hearing loss an improved awareness of sounds in the environment and speech recognition ability. The device helps individuals with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears who are not receiving sufficient benefit from traditional hearing aids.

The cochlear implant consists of two parts: an internally implanted device and externally worn processor. The device is typically implanted in only one ear, but may be implanted on both sides in certain situations, especially in the pediatric population.

Initial activation of the external device occurs about four weeks following cochlear implant surgery. After activation, we continue to work closely with you to ensure that your cochlear implant is functioning properly and at the optimum level. We also conduct periodic evaluations to monitor your progress and plan for rehabilitation and educational needs.

Learn more about our physicians who perform cochlear implant surgery and our audiology team.

Pediatric otolaryngologist, Adele K. Evans, MD, FAAP, at Wake Forest Baptist Health, performs cochlear implant surgery.

Cochlear Implant Surgery Video  (This video is graphic in nature)

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