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Ophthalmology Exam FAQs

How long will my ophthalmology exam take?

Ophthalmology exams are unique from other types of medical visits in that (a) There are a number of procedures that must be completed to prepare you, your eyes and your doctor for the examination (b) Medically required laboratory and imaging tests are performed during the same appointment (thus not requiring a separate visit) and (c) Treatment for your visual condition is often performed the same day. So in essence, one ophthalmology exam can take the place of three or more. Therefore, please be prepared to spend about two to three hours (in some cases less).

What should I bring for my visit?

Please bring a photo ID and any vision insurance cards, as well as medication lists. You should also bring your current eyeglasses (if applicable).

If I have an emergency that cannot wait, what should I do?

As with any emergency, we recommend that you dial 911 or go to the Emergency Department. If it is not life-threatening, we have a triage nurse available to answer your questions at 336-716-0820.

Why do I have to wait so long to see the doctor when I arrived on time for my ophthalmology exam?

Parts of the ophthalmology exam must be completed by technicians prior to seeing the doctor so that he or she will have the information necessary to evaluate your vision. If your eyes are dilated during your appointment, that process alone can take up to 30 minutes before the doctor can perform the examination.

Why do you need my medical history if I am here about my eyes?

There are medical conditions that can affect the health of your eyes.

Do I need a referral from my optometrist or family physician to be seen by an ophthalmologist?

Yes, you will need a referral.

What is the wait time to schedule an appointment to be seen in your Eye Center?

This depends on what you are being seen for. Some appointments can be seen the same day.

If we are seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist what should we expect?

Your child’s ophthalmology exam may take about 2½ hours.

Due to limited seating, we ask that siblings do not attend the appointment. Parents or legal guardians will be the only ones allowed in the treatment room.

Your child’s eyes may be dilated during the ophthalmology exam. If that is the case, this will take 30 minutes. The drops may sting a little and make their vision blurry for a while.

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Last Updated: 10-01-2016
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