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Michael Stephen Cartwright, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

Doctor Rating

4.7 out of 5

91 Ratings

Michael Stephen Cartwright, M.D.


Clinical Interests

Neuromuscular Diseases

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Education & Training

  • B.S., WFU School of Medicine, 1998
  • M.D., WFU School of Medicine, 2002
  • Internship, Internal Medicine, WFUSM Affiliated Hsps, 2003
  • Residency, Neurology, WFUSM Affiliated Hsps, 2005
  • Residency, Neurology, WFUSM Affiliated Hsps, 2006

NPI Number

  • 1417987827
Michael Stephen Cartwright, M.D.

Doctor Rating

4.7 out of 5

91 Ratings

Michael Stephen Cartwright, M.D.

Professor, Neurology
Family & Community Medicine

Research Interests

Ultrasonography; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Peripheral Nerves; Muscle, Skeletal; Median Nerve
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Academic: 336-716-4101 | Department: 336-716-4101

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Recent Publications

Neuromuscular ultrasound: a call for training and education [editorial]. Hobson-Webb LD, Preston DC, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2018;57(2):168-169.

A randomized, controlled trial of magnetic therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome. Baute V, Keskinyan VS, Sweeney ER, Bowden KD, Gordon A, Hutchens J, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2018;():.

Neuromuscular ultrasound of the brachial plexus: a standardized approach. Baute V, Strakowski JA, Reynolds JW, Karvelas KR, Ehlers P, Brenzy KJ, Li ZJ, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2018;():.

Neuromuscular ultrasound findings in eosinophilic fasciitis: a case series and literature review. Verenes M, Stone SL, Hobson-Webb LD, Mhoon JT, Guidon AC, De Jesus-Acosta C, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2018;():.

A pilot study of strain elastography in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. Martin MJ, Cartwright MS.. J Clin Neurophysiol. 2017;34(2):114-118.

Neuromuscular ultrasound in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and normal nerve conduction studies. Aseem F, Williams JW, Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2017;55(6):913-915.

Neuromuscular ultrasound for evaluation of scapular winging. Krzesniak-Swinarska M, Caress JB, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2017;56(1):7-14.

Incorporating formal nutrition education into a medical school curriculum: a student-initiated lecture series [editorial]. Baute V, Carr AD, Blackwell JN IV, Carstensen ER, Chhabra P IV, Cartwright MS, Porter LC.. Am J Med. 2017;130(6):623-625.

Ultrahigh-frequency ultrasound of fascicles in the median nerve at the wrist. Cartwright MS, Baute V, Caress JB, Walker FO.. Muscle Nerve. 2017;56(4):819-822.

Advancing neuromuscular ultrasound through research: finding common sound. Hobson-Webb L, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2017;56(3):375-378.

Head drop after botox: electrodiagnostic evaluation of iatrogenic botulinum toxicity. Szuch E, Caress JB, Paudyal B, Brashear A, Cartwright MS, Strowd RE III.. Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2017;156():1-3.

Re: comments on "neuromuscular ultrasonography of cranial nerves": the authors respond [letter]. Tawfik EA, Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. J Clin Neurol. 2017;13(2):214.

Diagnostic ultrasound of the vagus nerve in patients with diabetes. Tawfik EA, Walker FO, Cartwright MS, El-Hilaly RA.. J Neuroimaging. 2017;27(6):589-593.

Neuromuscular ultrasound findings in distal acquired demyelinating symmetric variant of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Vu QD, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2017;56(5):E44-E45.

The use of ultrasound in neuromuscular diagnoses. Hommel AL, Cartwright MS, Walker FO.. Neurol Clin Pract. 2017;7(3):266-273.

The effects of work organization on the health of immigrant manual workers: a longitudinal analysis. Arcury TA, Chen H, Mora DC, Walker FO, Cartwright MS, Quandt SA.. Arch Environ Occup Health. 2016;71(2):66-73.

Natural history of muscle cramps in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Caress JB, Ciarlone SL, Sullivan EA, Griffin LP, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2016;53(4):513-517.

Examining the association between musculoskeletal injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome in manual laborers. Cartwright MS, Yeboah S, Walker FO, Rosenbaum DA, Newman JC, Arcury TA, Mora DC, Quandt SA.. Muscle Nerve. 2016;54(1):31-35.

Hemidiaphragm atrophy in muscle-specific kinase myasthenia gravis [letter]. Cartwright MS, Keskinyan VS.. Muscle Nerve. 2016;54(2):338-339.

Neuromuscular ultrasound in the assessment of polyneuropathies and motor neuron disease. Shen J, Cartwright MS.. J Clin Neurophysiol. 2016;33(2):86-93.

A retrospective study of ultrasound guidance for diagnostic lumbar punctures. Lovin BD, Griffin LP, Walker FO, Baute V, Caress JB, Cartwright MS.. J Sci Med. 2016;2(1):25-30.

Neuromuscular ultrasound in the evaluation of inclusion body myositis. Vu Q, Cartwright M.. BMJ Case Rep. 2016;2016():.

Ultrasonographic evaluation of geniohyoid muscle and hyoid bone during swallowing in young adults. Feng X, Cartwright MS, Walker FO, Bargoil JH [sic] [Bargoil JM], Hu Y, Butler SG.. Laryngoscope. 2015;125(8):1886-1891.

Guiding intramuscular diaphragm injections using real-time ultrasound and electromyography. Sarwal A, Cartwright MS, Mitchell E, Williams K, Walker FO, Childers MK.. Muscle Nerve. 2015;51(2):287-289.

Neuromuscular ultrasound of cranial nerves. Tawfik EA, Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. J Clin Neurol. 2015;11(2):109-121.

Can a combination of ultrasonographic parameters accurately evaluate concussion and guide return-to-play decisions?. Cartwright MS, Dupuis JE, Bargoil JM, Foster DC.. Med Hypotheses. 2015;85(3):262-265.

A pilot study of diagnostic neuromuscular ultrasound in Bell's palsy. Tawfik EA, Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. J Neuroimaging. 2015;25(4):564-570.

Interobserver reliability of quantitative muscle sonographic analysis in the critically ill population. Sarwal A, Parry SM, Berry MJ, Hsu FC, Lewis MT, Justus NW, Morris PE, Denehy L, Berney S, Dhar S, Cartwright MS.. J Ultrasound Med. 2015;34(7):1191-1200.

Ultrasonography in the intensive care setting can be used to detect changes in the quality and quantity of muscle and is related to muscle strength and function. Parry SM, El-Ansary D, Cartwright MS, Sarwal A, Berney S, Koopman R, Annoni R, Puthucheary Z, Gordon IR, Morris PE, Denehy L.. J Crit Care. 2015;30(5):1151.e9-14.

Ultrasound in neurolymphomatosis: the rise of the machines [editorial]. Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. Neurology. 2015;85(9):746-747.

Sonography for assessing dynamic diaphragm dysfunction in acute respiratory distress. Sarwal A, Liu A, Cartwright MS, Dhar S, Morris PE.. J Ultrasound Med. 2015;34(9):1701-1706.

A randomized trial of diagnostic ultrasound to improve outcomes in focal neuropathies. Cartwright MS, Griffin LP, Dowlen H, Bargoil JM, Caress JB, Li ZJ, Defranzo AJ Jr, Wiesler ER, Tuohy CJ, Balakrishnan N, Molnar JA, Baute V, Koman LA, Poehling GG, Walker FO.. Muscle Nerve. 2015;52(5):746-753.

One-year incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome in Latino poultry processing workers and other Latino manual workers. Cartwright MS, Walker FO, Newman JC, Schulz MR, Arcury TA, Grzywacz JG, Mora DC, Chen H, Eaton B, Quandt SA.. Am J Ind Med. 2014;57(3):362-369.

Diagnosis and management of an asymptomatic intraneural fibular cyst [letter]. Stone SL, Thornton HC, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2014;49(1):143-144.

Nerve ultrasound in CIDP: poly-parameters for polyneuropathies [editorial]. Hobson-Webb LD, Cartwright MS.. Clin Neurophysiol. 2014;125(1):3-4.

Musculoskeletal and neurological injuries associated with work organization among immigrant Latino women manual workers in North Carolina. Arcury TA, Cartwright MS, Chen H, Rosenbaum DA, Walker FO, Mora DC, Quandt SA.. Am J Ind Med. 2014;57(4):468-475.

Electrical impedance myography correlates with standard measures of ALS severity. Rutkove SB, Caress JB, Cartwright MS, Burns TM, Warder J, David WS, Goyal N, Maragakis NJ, Benatar M, Sharma KR, Narayanaswami P, Raynor EM, Watson ML, Shefner JM.. Muscle Nerve. 2014;49(3):441-443.

Ultrasound assessment of the diaphragm: preliminary study of a canine model of x-linked myotubular myopathy. Sarwal A, Cartwright MS, Walker FO, Mitchell E, Buj-Bello A, Beggs AH, Childers MK.. Muscle Nerve. 2014;50(4):607-609.

Granulomatosis with polyangiitis presenting with pachymeningitis. Onyeuku NE, Balakrishnan N, Cartwright MS.. J Neurol Sci. 2014;344(1-2):208-209.

Muscle intrusion as a potential cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Cartwright MS, Walker FO, Newman JC, Arcury TA, Mora DC, Haiying C, Quandt SA.. Muscle Nerve. 2014;50(4):517-522.

Neuromuscular ultrasound findings in polyneuropathy secondary to disulfiram. Stone SL, Cartwright MS, Panea OR, Vann RC, Magruder JL, Walker FO.. J Clin Neurophysiol. 2014;31(6):e18-e20.

Respiratory muscle changes in neurocritical patients: effect of MV, age, obesity and volume status [abstract]. Caveney M, Cartwright M, Morris P, Dhar S, Sarwal A.. Crit Care Med. 2014;42(12 Suppl 1):A1495.

Quantitative neuromuscular ultrasound in the intensive care unit. Cartwright MS, Kwayisi G, Griffin LP, Sarwal A, Walker FO, Harris JM, Berry MJ, Chahal PS, Morris PE.. Muscle Nerve. 2013;47(2):255-259.

Neuromuscular ultrasound for evaluation of the diaphragm. Sarwal A, Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. Muscle Nerve. 2013;47(3):319-329.

Nerve cross-sectional area in extremes of age. Cartwright MS, Mayans DR, Gillson NA, Griffin LP, Walker FO.. Muscle Nerve. 2013;47(6):890-893.

Validity and reliability of nerve and muscle ultrasound. Cartwright MS, Demar S, Griffin LP, Balakrishnan N, Harris JM, Walker FO.. Muscle Nerve. 2013;47(4):515-521.

Ultrasound for carpal tunnel syndrome screening in manual laborers. Cartwright MS, Walker FO, Blocker JN, Schulz MR, Arcury TA, Grzywacz JG, Mora D, Chen H, Marin AJ, Quandt SA.. Muscle Nerve. 2013;48(1):127-131.

Ultrasonography of peripheral nerves. Suk JI, Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep. 2013;13(2):328.

Interventional neuromuscular ultrasound: the favorable cost profile of ultrasound compared with MRI makes it a valuable tool for obtaining anatomic information in patients with neuromuscular problems [editorial]. Norbury JW, Cartwright MS, Walker FO, Mandel S, Moore DP.. Pract Neurol. 2013;Jan/Feb():14-18.

Location, location, dislocation [editorial]. Walker FO, Cartwright MS.. Clin Neurophysiol. 2013;124(8):1490.

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Professor, Neurology

Clinical Interests

Neuromuscular Diseases
Michael Stephen Cartwright, M.D.

Michael Stephen Cartwright, M.D.

Professor, Neurology
Family & Community Medicine

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Doctor Rating

4.7 out of 5

Michael Stephen Cartwright, M.D.91 Ratings


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Dr. Cartwright is excellent


Dr. Michael Cartwright is a true professional. He is very patient, kind and compassionate and I would not want to see any other neurologist for my care!!






Dr. Cartwright is always very helpful, attentive, personable, and very professional. Great physician and cares about patient's concerns in the decision making process of their treatment.


I was very pleased with our experience.


Dr. Cartwright has been my Neurologist since 2012. He is a very caring doctor who goes out of his way to listen to my concerns and does his very best to help me obtain the best treatment for my condition. He is always available when I need him. I am very happy being under his care.


Spent over an hour with Dr. Cartwright discussing a variety of problems


We felt like we were the only patients there, the provider was exceptional and spent a tremendous amount of time with us. Treated my daughter with respect and talked to her and not just to me.


He is very good and caring.


Dr. Cartwright was exceptional


Dr. Michael Cartwright is a phenomenal Neurologist. He is compassionate, caring and has always shown genuine concern for my care. He is easy to talk to and he listens and answers all our questions. He is an extremely valuable asset to Wake Forest Baptist Health and me and my wife applaud him highly!


it is very easy to reach Dr. Cartwright through MyWakeHealth


Dr. Cartwright has done an awesome job as he see me during MDA clinic

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