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Kristie FoleyWake Forest School of Medicine

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Kristie Foley

Program Director,

Substance Addiction& Abuse Ctr
Healthcare Innovations

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Department: 336-716-2011


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Education & Training

  • B.A., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1992
  • M.S., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1994
  • D.Phil, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2000
  • Fellowship, WFU School of Medicine, 2001
Kristie Foley

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Kristie Foley

Program Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center
Professor, Social Sciences & Health Policy
Office of Women in Medicine and Science
Substance Addiction& Abuse Ctr
Healthcare Innovations

Research Interests

Smoking; Mothers; Health Services Accessibility; Smoking Cessation; Ambulatory Care Facilities
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Contact Information

Academic: 336-713-5084 | Department: 336-716-2011


Recent Publications

Bidirectional associations of e-cigarette, conventional cigarette and waterpipe experimentation among adolescents: a cross-lagged model. Penzes M, Foley KL, Nadasan V, Paulik E, Abram Z, Urban R.. Addict Behav. 2018;80():59-64.

Strengthening policy-relevant tobacco research capacity in low- and middle-income countries: challenges, opportunities and lessons learned [commentary]. Berg CJ, Thrasher JF, Barnoya J, Cohen JE, Maziak W, Lando H, Drope J, Mejia R, Foley K, Nakkash R, Fong GT, Kupfer L, Sturke R, Parascandola M.. Nicotine Tob Res. 2018;():.

The impact of anti-smoking policies of the 2010-2014 Hungarian government - a comprehensive evaluation [abstract]. Joo T, Szocska M, Voko Z, Demjen T, Bodrogi J, Gaal P, Foley KL.. Tob Induc Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):167-168.

Association of smoking opinions and risk perception with smoking status in Serbia adults [abstract]. Kilibarda B, Milovanovic M, Martinson N, Foley K.. Tob Induc Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):327.

A couples-focused intervention for smoking cessation during pregnancy: the study protocol of the Quit Together pilot randomized controlled trial. Meghea CI, Brinzaniuc A, Sidor A, Chereches RM, Mihu D, Iuhas CI, Stamatian F, Caracostea G, Dascal MD, Foley K, Baban A, Voice TC, Blaga OM.. Tob Prev Cessation. 2018;4():17.

Second hand smoke during the pregnancy [abstract]. Rakoczi I, Fogarasi-Grenczer A, Takacs P, Foley K, Balazs P.. Tob Induc Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):276-277.

The short-term effects of ASPIRA: a web-based, multimedia smoking prevention program for adolescents in Romania: a cluster randomized trial. Nadasan V, Foley KL, Penzes M, Paulik E, Mihaicuta S, Abram Z, Balint J, Csibi M, Urban R.. Nicotine Tob Res. 2017;19(8):908-915.

Circulating mutational portrait of cancer: manifestation of aggressive clonal events in both early and late stages. Yang M, Topaloglu U, Petty WJ, Pagni M, Foley KL, Grant SC, Robinson M, Bitting RL, Thomas A, Alistar AT, Desnoyers RJ, Goodman M, Albright C, Porosnicu M, Vatca M, Qasem SA, DeYoung B, Kytola V, Nykter M, Chen K, Levine EA, Staren ED,.. J Hematol Oncol. 2017;10(1):100.

Susceptibility to cigarette smoking among middle and high school e-cigarette users in Canada. Azagba S, Baskerville NB, Foley K.. Prev Med. 2017;103():14-19.

Mutational landscapes of smoking-related cancers in Caucasians and African Americans: precision oncology perspectives at Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center. Kytola V, Topaloglu U, Miller LD, Bitting RL, Goodman MM, D Agostino RB Jr, Desnoyers RJ, Albright C, Yacoub G, Qasem SA, DeYoung B, Thorsson V, Shmulevich I, Yang M, Shcherban A, Pagni M, Liu L, Nykter M, Chen K, Hawkins GA, Grant SC,.. Theranostics. 2017;7(11):2914-2923.

The influence of the new National Clean Air law on the PM2.5 air pollution in the campus of the UMPh Tirgu Mures during the implementation of the smoke-free university project. Nagy EN, Zoltan P, Imre LM, Voidazan S, Fazakas Z, Marta GS, Zoltan A, Peter B, Foley K, Istvan KP.. Rev Chim. 2017;68(8):1820-1824.

Scaling the mountain: a framework for building a flexible interprofessional education curriculum [abstract]. Foley K, Jackson J, Peters T.. In: Abstracts of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the International Collaborations Across Borders (CAB): 2017 Oct 1-4; Banff, Alberta (CA). 2017;():A232.

Use of electronic cigarettes and alternative tobacco products among Romanian adolescents. Nadasan V, Foley KL, Penzes M, Paulik E, Mihaicuta S, Abram Z, Balint J, Urban R.. Int J Public Health. 2016;61(2):199-207.

The perceived impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on North Carolina's free clinics. Swan GA, Foley KL.. N C Med J. 2016;77(1):23-29.

Intention to experiment with e-cigarettes in a cross-sectional survey of undergraduate university students in Hungary. Penzes M, Foley KL, Balazs P, Urban R.. Subst Use Misuse. 2016;51(9):1083-1092.

Is distance to chemotherapy an obstacle to adjuvant care among the N.C. Medicaid-enrolled colon cancer patients?. Sparling AS, Song E, Klepin HD, Foley KL.. J Gastrointest Oncol. 2016;7(3):336-344.

Tobacco use among children in Romanian foster care homes. Lorand FI, Zoltan A, Lorand S, Peter B, Foley KL.. Eur J Public Health. 2016;26(5):822-826.

Personal and non-personal influences on smoking habits of Romanian adolescents [abstract]. Abram Z, Nadasan V, Balint I, Foley KL.. Int J Behav Med. 2016;23(Suppl 1):S112.

Active smoking and associated behavioural risk factors before and during pregnancy - prevalence and attitudes among newborns' mothers in Mures County, Romania. Ruta F, Avram C, Voidazan S, Marginean C, Bacarea V, Abram Z, Foley K, Fogarasi-Grenczer A, Penzes M, Tarcea M.. Cent Eur J Public Health. 2016;24(2):276-280.

The effect of tobacco smoking during pregnancy on birth outcomes [abstract]. Fogarasi-Grenczer A, Foley KL, Penzes M, Balazs P.. Eur J Pediatr. 2016;175(11):1498.

The Breathe, Eat, Touch Project: using an environmental health framework to augment interdisciplinary STEM learning [abstract]. Bernd KK, Foley KK, Hauser CD.. Mol Biol Cell. 2016;27():P16.

Knowledge and practices related to smoking cessation support among Romanian general practitioner's [abstract]. Tarcea M, Voidazan S, Ruta F, Georgescu M, Marginean C, Sipos R, Abram Z, Foley K.. Eur J Public Health. 2016;26(Suppl 1):465.

Increasing cervical cancer screening among US Hispanics/Latinas: a qualitative systematic review. Mann L, Foley KL, Tanner AE, Sun CJ, Rhodes SD.. J Cancer Educ. 2015;30(2):374-387.

Motivational interviewing intervention with college student tobacco users: providers' beliefs and behaviors. McNamara RS, Y Song E, Reboussin BA, Spangler J, Pockey JR, Kimes C, Foley KL, Sutfin EL.. J Am Coll Health. 2015;63(4):286-290.

Implementing smokeless tobacco instruction into medical student education: addressing the gap. Spangler J, Foley KL, Crandall S, Lane C, Walker K, MacRae M, Vaden K, Marion G.. Teach Learn Med. 2009;21(1):33-37.

Receipt of chemotherapy among Medicaid-enrolled patients diagnosed with regional colon cancer [abstract]. Foley KL, Tooze JA, Song EY, Klepin HD, Geiger AM.. J Clin Oncol. 2009;27(15 Suppl):e15016.

Indoor air quality in prisons before and after implementation of a smoking ban law. Proescholdbell SK, Foley KL, Johnson J, Malek SH.. Tob Control. 2008;17(2):123-127.

Contextual factors and health risk behaviors associated with date fighting among high school students. Champion H, Foley KL, Sigmon-Smith K, Sutfin EL, DuRant RH.. Women Health. 2008;47(3):1-22.

Availability of tobacco cessation services in free clinics. Foley KL, Sutfin EL.. N C Med J. 2008;69(4):270-274.

Survival disadvantage among Medicaid-insured breast cancer patients treated with breast conserving surgery without radiation therapy. Foley KL, Kimmick G, Camacho F, Levine EA, Balkrishnan R, Anderson R.. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2007;101(2):207-214.

Improving colorectal cancer screening by using community volunteers: results of the Carolinas Cancer Education and Screening (CARES) Project. Katz ML, Tatum C, Dickinson SL, Murray DM, Long-Foley K, Cooper MR, Daven M, Paskett ED.. Cancer. 2007;110(7):1602-1610.

Lay health advisor interventions among Hispanics/Latinos: a qualitative systematic review. Rhodes SD, Foley KL, Zometa CS, Bloom FR.. Am J Prev Med. 2007;33(5):418-427.

Randomized trial of an intervention to improve mammography utilization among a triracial rural population of women. Paskett E, Tatum C, Rushing J, Michielutte R, Bell R, Foley KL, Bittoni M, Dickinson SL, McAlearney AS, Reeves K.. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2006;98(17):1226-1237.

Evaluation of the Quality of Life in Adult Cancer Survivors (QLACS) scale for long-term cancer survivors in a sample of breast cancer survivors [online only]. Avis NE, Ip E, Foley KL.. Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2006;4():article 92.

The influence of radiation therapy on survival among Medicaid-enrolled breast cancer patients treated with breast conserving surgery [abstract]. Foley KL, Camacho F, Levine EA, Kimmick G, Balkrishnan R, Anderson R.. J Clin Oncol. 2006;24(18 Suppl Pt I):30s.

Racial differences in patterns of care among Medicaid-enrolled patients with breast cancer. Kimmick G, Camacho F, Foley KL, Levine EA, Balkrishnan R, Anderson R.. J Oncol Pract. 2006;2(5):205-213.

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Kristie Foley

Kristie Foley

Program Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center
Professor, Social Sciences & Health Policy
Office of Women in Medicine and Science
Substance Addiction& Abuse Ctr
Healthcare Innovations

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