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Maria P. McGee, M.D.Wake Forest School of Medicine

Maria P. McGee, M.D.

Associate Professor,

Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-6716 | Department: 336-716-4171


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Education & Training

  • M.D., Univ Granada Faculty of Medicine-Spain, 1974
  • Internship, Univ Granada Faculty of Medici, 1974
  • Fellowship, WFU School of Medicine, 1976


  • Am Heart Association
  • Am Soc of Hematology
  • Am Soc of Microbiology
  • Assoc For Gerontology In Highe
  • Biophysics Society
Maria P. McGee, M.D.

Maria P. McGee, M.D.

Associate Professor, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Research Interests

Water; Extracellular Fluid; Extracellular Matrix; Edema; Burns
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Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-6716 | Department: 336-716-4171


Recent Publications

Age-dependent changes in brain hydration and synaptic plasticity. Vashisht A, Morykwas M, Hegde AN, Argenta L, McGee MP.. Brain Res. 2018;1680():46-53.

Brain interstitial matrix hydration inversely correlates with neuronal excytability [abstract]. Vashisht A, Morykwas M, Hegde A, Argenta L, McGee MP.. Biophys J. 2018;114(3 Suppl 1):155A.

Hydration control in brain extracellular matrix: astrocytes, perycites, and fibroblasts adjust their contractile responses to local water activity [abstract]. McGee MP, Kearns M, Morykwas M, Argenta L.. Biophys J. 2017;112(3 Suppl 1):437A.

Ameliorating spinal cord injury in an animal model with mechanical tissue resuscitation. Zheng ZL, Morykwas MJ, Tatter S, Gordon S, McGee M, Green H, Argenta LC.. Neurosurgery. 2016;78(6):868-876.

Local fluid transfer regulation in heart extracellular matrix. McGee MP, Morykwas MJ, Jordan JE, Wang R, Argenta LC.. J Physiol Biochem. 2016;72(2):255-268.

Measuring hydraulic conductance and hydration potential of brain extracellular matrix by osmotic stress [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Argenta L.. Biophys J. 2016;110(3 Suppl 1):149A-150A.

Mechanical tissue resuscitation (MTR): a nonpharmacological approach to treatment of acute myocardial infarction. Jordan JE, Pereira BD, Lane MR, Morykwas MJ, McGee M, Argenta LC.. J Card Surg. 2015;30(8):659-667.

Correlating heart interstitium structure and function using hydration and Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) analyses [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Jordan J, Argenta L.. Biophys J. 2015;108(2 Suppl 1):148A.

Interstitial-matrix edema in burns: mechanistic insights from subatmospheric pressure treatment in vivo. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Campbell D, Hoge K, Argenta L.. Wound Repair Regen. 2014;22(1):96-102.

Mechanical tissue resuscitation at the site of traumatic brain injuries reduces the volume of injury and hemorrhage in a swine model. Zheng ZL, Morykwas M, Campbell D, McGee M, Hollingsworth C, Adams F, Mays J, Tatter S, Argenta L.. Neurosurgery. 2014;75(2):152-162.

Water potential of cell microenvironments modulates their proliferation [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, McCabe E, Kearns M, Argenta L.. Biophys J. 2014;106(2 Suppl 1):174A.

Interstitial-matrix' fluid-fluxes in vivo: subatmospheric pressure reverses hydration-potential in heat-denatured dermis [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Hoge K, Campbell D, Argenta L.. Biophys J. 2013;104(2 Suppl 1):336A.

Interstitial matrix flow-regulation: myocardial fibroblasts respond to colloidosmotic pressure [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Wang R, Jordan J, Argenta L.. Circ Res. 2013;113(4 Suppl):A061.

Collagen unfolding accelerates water influx, determining hydration in the interstitial matrix. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Shelton J, Argenta L.. Biophys J. 2012;103(10):2157-2166.

Ischemia-reperfusion injury decreases myocardial hydration potential without changing flow resistance in the interstitial matrix [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Jordan J, Argenta L.. Circ Res. 2012;111(4 Suppl):235.

The local pathology of interstitial edema: surface tension increases hydration potential in heat-damaged skin. McGee MP, Morykwas MJ, Argenta LC.. Wound Repair Regen. 2011;19(3):358-367.

Diffusion and reaction in the cell glycocalyx and the extracellular matrix. Levine HA, McGee MP, Serna S.. J Math Biol. 2010;60(1):1-26.

Fluid transport in the extracellular matrix: kinetic changes induced by metabolic inhibitors [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Argenta L.. Biophys J. 2009;96(3 Suppl 1):626a.

Swelling and pressure-volume relationships in the dermis measured by osmotic-stress technique. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Levi-Polyachenko N, Argenta L.. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2009;296(6):R1907-1913.

Coagulation responses during tissue injury and repair: water potential as an independent variable across biological scales [abstract]. McGee MP, Morykwas M, Argenta L.. In: Abstract Booklet of the 18th Annual Growth Factor and Signal Transduction Symposium: Systems Biology: Integrative, Comparative, and Multi-Scale Modeling; 2008 Sept 18-21; Ames (IA). 2008;():27.

Identification of mechanisms mediating coagulation factor penetration into the glycocalyx: mathematical modelling of transfer to TF (tissue factor) sites [abstract]. McGee MP, Levivne HA, Serna S.. Blood. 2006;108(11 Pt 2):82b.

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Associate Professor, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Maria P. McGee, M.D.

Maria P. McGee, M.D.

Associate Professor, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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