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David F. Williams, Ph.D.Wake Forest School of Medicine

David F. Williams, Ph.D.


Contact Information

Academic: 336-713-1325


Education & Training

  • B.S., Univ Birmingham Medical School-United Kingdom, 1965
  • Ph.D., Univ Birmingham Medical School-United Kingdom, 1969
  • D.Sc., Univ Birmingham Medical School-United Kingdom, 1983

NPI Number

  • 1821148305
David F. Williams, Ph.D.

David F. Williams, Ph.D.

Professor, Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests

Biocompatible Materials; Tissue Engineering; Regenerative Medicine; Prostheses and Implants; Materials Testing
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Contact Information

Academic: 336-713-1325


Recent Publications

Biocompatibility pathways in tissue-engineering templates. Williams DF.. Engineering. 2018;4(2):286-290.

Biocompatibility pathways: biomaterials-induced sterile inflammation, mechanotransduction, and principles of biocompatibility control. Williams DF.. ACS Biomater Sci Eng. 2017;3(1):2-35.

Engagement of the medical-technology sector with society. Williams D, Edelman ER, Radisic M, Laurencin C, Untereker D.. Sci Transl Med. 2017;9(385):eaal4359.

Neural repair by NT3-chitosan via enhancement of endogenous neurogenesis after adult focal aspiration brain injury. Hao P, Duan H, Hao F, Chen L, Sun M, Fan KS, Sun YE, Williams D, Yang Z, Li X.. Biomaterials. 2017;140():88-102.

A paradigm for the evaluation of tissue engineering biomaterials and templates. Williams DF.. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2017;23(12 Pt 2):926-937.

. Orlando G, Remuzzi G, Williams DF, eds.. In: Kidney transplantation, bioengineering, and regeneration: kidney transplantation in the regenerative medicine era. London: Elsevier, Academic Press;2017: .

Biofabrication of bone tissue: approaches, challenges and translation for bone regeneration. Tang D, Tare RS, Yang LY, Williams DF, Ou KL, Oreffo RO.. Biomaterials. 2016;83():363-382.

Polymeric heart valves for surgical implantation, catheter-based technologies and heart assist devices. Bezuidenhout D, Williams DF, Zilla P.. Biomaterials. 2015;36():6-25.

Engineered small diameter vascular grafts by combining cell sheet engineering and electrospinning technology. Ahn H, Ju YM, Takahashi H, Williams DF, Yoo JJ, Lee SJ, Okano T, Atala A.. Acta Biomater. 2015;16():14-22.

Regulatory biocompatibility requirements for biomaterials used in regenerative medicine. Williams DF.. J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2015;26(2):89.

The same but different: regulation of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in the context of regional and international standards and expectations [commentary]. Williams DF.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(23-24):2781-2782.

The biomaterials conundrum in tissue engineering. Williams DF.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2014;20(7-8):1129-1131.

Carcinogenicity of implantable materials: experimental and epidemiological evidence. Williams DF.. Int Urogynecol J. 2014;25(5):577-580.

Manufacturing challenges in regenerative medicine. Martin I, Simmons PJ, Williams DF.. Sci Transl Med. 2014;6(232):232fs16.

Neural tissue engineering options for peripheral nerve regeneration. Gu X, Ding F, Williams DF.. Biomaterials. 2014;35(24):6143-6156.

Synergistic anabolic actions of hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma on cartilage regeneration in osteoarthritis therapy. Chen WH, Lo WC, Hsu WC, Wei HJ, Liu HY, Lee CH, Tina Chen SY, Shieh YH, Williams DF, Deng WP.. Biomaterials. 2014;35(36):9599-9607.

Delayed animal aging through the recovery of stem cell senescence by platelet rich plasma. Liu HY, Huang CF, Lin TC, Tsai CY, Tina Chen SY, Liu A, Chen WH, Wei HJ, Wang MF, Williams DF, Deng WP.. Biomaterials. 2014;35(37):9767-9776.

There is no such thing as a biocompatible material. Williams DF.. Biomaterials. 2014;35(38):10009-14.

FOXF1 mediates mesenchymal stem cell fusion-induced reprogramming of lung cancer cells. Wei HJ, Nickoloff JA, Chen WH, Liu HY, Lo WC, Chang YT, Yang PC, Wu CW, Williams DF, Gelovani JG, Deng WP.. Oncotarget. 2014;5(19):9514-9529.

. Williams DF. In: Essential biomaterials science. New York: Cambridge University Press;2014: .

The effect of kinetic stability on biodistribution and anti-tumor efficacy of drug-loaded biodegradable polymeric micelles. Attia AB, Yang C, Tan JP, Gao S, Williams DF, Hedrick JL, Yang YY.. Biomaterials. 2013;34(12):3132-3140.

Delivery of a granzyme B inhibitor gene using carbamate-mannose modified PEI protects against cytotoxic lymphocyte killing. Cheng W, Yang C, Hedrick JL, Williams DF, Yang YY, Ashton-Rickardt PG.. Biomaterials. 2013;34(14):3697-3705.

Preferential therapy for osteoarthritis by cord blood MSCs through regulation of chondrogenic cytokines. Lo WC, Chen WH, Lin TC, Hwang SM, Zeng R, Hsu WC, Chiang YM, Liu MC, Williams DF, Deng WP.. Biomaterials. 2013;34(20):4739-4748.

The effect of diminished osteogenic signals on reduced osteoporosis recovery in aged mice and the potential therapeutic use of adipose-derived stem cells. Liu H-Y, Chiou J-F, Wu ATH, Tsai C-Y, Leu J-D, Ting L-L, Wang M-F, Chen H-Y, Lin C-T, Williams DF, Deng W-P.. Biomaterials. 2012;33(26):6105-6112.

Rotavirus capsid surface protein VP4-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles as a theranostic platform for cellular imaging and drug delivery. Chen W, Cao Y, Liu M, Zhao Q, Huang J, Zhang H, Deng Z, Dai J, Williams DF, Zhang Z.. Biomaterials. 2012;33(31):7895-7902.

The role of the ERK1/2 pathway as an alternative to the aging-diminished cyclic AMP pathway in calcitonin-mediated chondrogenesis in human nucleus pulposus. Chen WH, Zeng R, Lo WC, Chen SYT, Lai TY, Williams DF, Deng WP.. Biomaterials. 2012;33(33):8256-8264.

Hydrogels in regenerative medicine. Saul JM, Williams DF. In: Atala A, Lanza R, Thomson JA, Nerem R, eds. Principles of regenerative medicine. 2nd ed. San Diego (CA): Academic Press;2011: 637-661.

The role of short synthetic adhesion peptides in regenerative medicine; the debate. Williams DF.. Biomaterials. 2011;32(18):4195-4197.

The essential materials paradigms for regenerative medicine. Williams D.. JOM (1989). 2011;63(4):51-55.

The delicate balancing act of metallic biomaterials. Williams D.. Med Device Technol. 2009;20(2):8,10.

On the nature of biomaterials. Williams DF.. Biomaterials. 2009;30(30):5897-5909.

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David F. Williams, Ph.D.

David F. Williams, Ph.D.

Professor, Institute for Regenerative Medicine

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