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Zero Percent Financing Through Commerce Bank

In support of our Patient and Family Promise to care for you, Wake Forest Baptist Health is pleased to provide the financial peace of mind of a zero-percent loan program. We are unique in our area to offer this kind of special credit arrangement to benefit our patients.  An interest-free loan will help you to move forward with getting the care you need for a variety of services, including elective procedures which insurance does not cover. 

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has partnered with Commerce Bank to offer an interest-free loan for up to $50,000 to enable you to plan for and manage your health care costs over an extended period of time.  And the interest-free loans are available for all types of services.


  • All patients are approved and there is no credit check.
  • Patients will have to have their first appointment and a treatment plan in place prior to enrollment in Commerce bank. 


    Repayment terms:

    Interest Rate               Transaction Size                    Repayment Term
    0%                      Less than $5,000                                24 months (2 Years) 
    0%                      Between $5,000 and $15,000             60 months (5 years)
    0%                      Between $15,000 and $50,000           84 months (7 years) 

      • For elective services such as bariatric, cosmetic or some eye surgeries, a down payment of 50 percent of the total cost will be required, with the Commerce Bank Loan available for the remaining 50 percent.
      • The repayment period may be longer if you incur any late fee charges. The late payment fee is $15 on balances over $25.
      • Payments
        • Only one monthly payment is required.
        • Payments can be made by mail, phone or internet.
      • Fees - No loan set-up fees, loan origination fees or penalties on prepayment.
        • Account Setup - WFBH will handle the account setup for you. 

          What do you need to do?
          Simply discuss the interest-free loan program with your WFBH Financial Counselor

          For further information, please contact WFBH Financial Counseling at 336-716-0681.



          I do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) but have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), can I open an account?

          • Answer: Yes, we can open an account for you!
          • Note: Commerce Bank MUST have an SSN or ITIN to establish a HSF account.

          May I set up a joint account with my spouse?

          • Answer:  No, the Commerce Bank Line of Credit can only have one guarantor. 
          • Note: If a person other than the account holder contacts Commerce Bank regarding an account, no information will be provided.  Commerce Bank only has the account holder’s personal information to verifier the caller

          How do I make payments?

          • Answer: Your options include by mail, phone, or online.  If you wish, you can set up automatic payments using the ACH form in your first 2 statements or call 1-855-893-1292 for setup.

          I enrolled for a Commerce Bank Line of Credit but changed my mind and wish to withdraw. 

          • Answer: We will contact Commerce Bank and have your account closed.  You will need to let us know how you wish to pay your remaining balance at that time.
          • Note: Email the designated WFBH Financial Counselor and they will contact Commerce Bank to have the account closed. 

          I signed up for my Commerce Bank Line of Credit but have not received my statement yet?

          • Answer:  Typically, you will see you first statement between 30-45 days from your enrollment.  Feel free to call Commerce Bank at 1-855-893-1292 for additional information.  Please know prior to contacting Commerce Bank that only the person on the account will be able to obtain information from Commerce Bank.  

          What if I have a Commerce Bank Line of Credit established but have a second event?

          • Answer: The new balance can be added to the existing Line of Credit. 

          Is it possible to change my statement date with Commerce Bank?

          • Answer: Yes, after you receive your first statement from Commerce Bank, call 1-855-893-1292 and request your statement date change.

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