Bariatric Surgery - Westchester is a resource for patients across the country who seek the healthful improvement that significant weight loss can have on an individual’s lifestyle and health. High blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, elevated cholesterol and emotional well-being are just a few of the complications faced by people who are severely overweight. Because the health consequences of obesity can be so severe and because obesity has reached epidemic proportions in our community and across America, we are pleased to offer bariatric surgery options  to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Surgical procedures that treat obesity work by either limiting the amount of food a person can eat before becoming full; or by altering the digestion process – producing an inability to absorb all the calories and nutrients that are ingested.

There are different approaches to weight-loss surgery. Only a full review of your particular situation, by you and your physician, will determine the right procedure for you.

Your Journey to a Healthier Life 

Like any surgical procedure, the surgical treatment of obesity is a serious matter. But unlike some procedures, this one will require your active participation in your own care. Our overriding goal is for you to be fully prepared, so that you are better able to cope with the changes – both the changes that are a challenge and the changes that are a pleasure – that accompany substantial weight loss. The following are the steps that will be taken to ensure your weight loss surgery success:

Initial Contact

We recommend that patients contact the center by phone to speak to one of our trained professionals. Our staff will provide you with all of the information and support you need to get started on your journey.  If needed, they can also help you to get registered for our free patient seminar. Our procedures are covered by many insurers and our staff will work with you to determine whether your insurance plan will pay for your procedure.


Our free Weight Loss Surgery seminars are led by one of our surgeons, Dr. Nik Teppara or Dr. Andrew White. During the seminar, we will review qualifications for weight loss surgery, the risks and benefits of surgery, what to expect during the pre-operative process, and life after surgery. We encourage you to bring a family member or a friend.

Call 336-905-6390 to register.


We will request your insurance information prior to your initial consultation so that we can verify your benefits for surgery.  Once we have completed our verification process, we will call you to review your benefits and schedule your initial consultation.

During this consultation you will meet with our clinicians to discuss your surgery options. We will cover all aspects of our surgical program, patient follow-up and support programs. You'll learn what you can expect from us as the medical staff and what we expect from you as a patient. Patients are encouraged to bring a family member or friend, and to ask questions.

Pre-Op Visit

We want you to be in the best possible health prior to surgery. It will make your surgery safer and improve your chances for a better surgical outcome, and a better overall experience for you. One to two weeks prior to your surgery you will return to our offices for further preparation. Depending on your medical history, you may have an electrocardiogram (EKG) and/or a chest x-ray (CXR). You also will receive general information about what to expect throughout your hospital stay. You will be provided with pre- and post-operative instructions during this critical visit.


On the day of your scheduled surgery, arrive at the time specified by our surgical team.  Once checked in at the hospital you will have an IV started and then proceed back to the operating area with the anesthesia team. Your operation will likely take about one hour.  Your surgeon will visit with your family after you are safely in the recovery room.  
With no complications, you can expect to be in the hospital one night.  Our surgeon and registered dietitian will visit with you before being discharged.  After being released from the hospital, you will remain under our watchful care.


After your surgery, our clinicians will continue to meet with you on a regular basis to assist with this major life change.  You will have regularly scheduled follow-up visits with your surgeon, our physician assistant, our dietitian and our exercise specialist.  The changes every patient experiences physically and mentally after surgery are monumental and we provide excellent resources to help you to manage these changes and reach your weight loss goals.
Regular, consistent follow-ups with your surgeon are vital to your success and should be maintained for best possible results. Our team offers lifetime patient support through support groups, classes and follow up visits with your surgeon.  Attending our support group meetings regularly can make a big difference in your weight loss success.  Patients can discuss what they are experiencing after weight loss surgery and share their stories with other patients going through the same thing.
Lifestyle modifications required after surgery: Weight loss surgery is not a solution, it is a tool.  Following surgery you will need to follow strict nutrition guidelines as well as exercise regularly.  Our multi-disciplinary team will give you the tools and ongoing support to stay on track however, ultimately it is up to you.
To schedule an appointment or to talk with someone about becoming a patient, call  336-905-6390.

Life After Surgery

It will be important for you to plan on easing back into your daily routine. You can go back to work within a couple of days to a week, depending on when you feel well enough and the procedure.

Making modifications in your lifestyle will consist of planning for your diet, exercise and taking medications and vitamins for a few months following your procedure and some as part of your daily routine. We offer support groups and resources for our patients as they make this change in life.

Patients will be expected to schedule regular follow-up visits with our surgeons and staff. These visits will allow us to regularly monitor your overall progress including health check-ups and provide you with nutritional and lifestyle guidance along with support.