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Father and Son

Alec Richardson
Alec Richardson

Year in Medical School: 1st

Place of birth:
Christiana, DE

Where you grew up:
Landenberg, PA

College: University of Pennsylvania, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Major(s) in College: History and Sociology of Science

Goals (medical school and beyond): I hope to remain hopeful, and inspire where hope wanes.

Personal Philosophy on life and/or medicine: I have been fortunate, and try to be thankful every day for my friends and family who make life worth living.

Favorite quote: “A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman”
–Wallace Stevens

Alec Ricardson

If I could tell you
Of the one root I depended on
To climb hills as a child,
My memory would not do it justice,
But only begin to articulate
How death felt near for the first time,
And the ecstatic fear
Of looking down,
And seeing nothing,
Not even you,
Made me believe in God.

I would tell you
How the brutal honesty
Of your father’s death
Never left my side,
As if the man no longer exists,
But speaks to you in the mirror
While I watch, selfishly dreaming
Of meeting him for the first time
To thank you both for life.

If I could tell you
One honorable thought,
It would be sincere but accomplish little,
For I am lost in the allure
Of becoming someone else,
If only to gather the courage to tell you
How I remember eavesdropping
On your married conversations,
Unconsciously understanding
Your lonely yet shared thoughts.

As I tell you,
The past becomes more sacred
Because it is now ours
To lose, like your father
And the moments he bestowed
Before death transformed a beauty
That now flinches in our voices,
Filling the transparent chasm
Separating our souls.

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