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Bamidele Olatunbosun

Bamidele Olatunbosn
Bamidele Olatunbosun

Year in Medical School: 4th

Place of birth:
St. Louis, Missouri

Where you grew up:
New York City, NY

University of Pennsylvania

Major in College: Economics

Goals (medical school and beyond): Finish school and have fun

Personal Philosophy on life and/or medicine: Enjoy yourself

Favorite quote: “You can't get on my level; you would need a space shuttle or a ladder that's forever.”
–Lil' Wayne


The countdown has begun
Fate is in the auspice of hospice
My pain, my hunger, my nausea, my tolerance
This building will host my last audience
The final scene of a film that featured decades long
A higher power produced and directed; I was the star
No phony, no Tonys nor Academy Awards
Only me, my thoughts, my family and God
A few strangers to ease my move on
Sorry to leave the people who love me
Ecstatic to recapture my loved ones above me
Heaven must seem as brief as a moment
For even I would grow tired of angels
To me, that would not be perfection
I have a predilection for change
From absolute poverty to a medical novelty
Life was a wonderful dream in each extreme
Yet I could not help but reminisce on regrets
Questioning if I consistently gave my best
What more could I afforded this world?
Did I receive all that I deserved?
Did I give more than I took?
Did my knowledge come from more than a book?
Confined to this bed, I imagine in my head
I wish I could jump as high one more time
Before saying goodbye, take that trip to Dubai
Another dance with my wife under the pale moonlight
Assured I did not waste my life
Nor the lives of those who supported my goals
Providing meaning for the road that I chose
Watched me grow
Helped me know
To reach old age is no doubt a blessing
Seeing children and grandchildren all become successes
The luckiest of us will pass comfortably
Peeking forward and back, a clean conscious comforts me
Not the money
Since funds can not buy a second of time
What stories will be told as I die?
Time was my only enemy
I’m jealous of my own memories
Imagine where my jealousies would be at seventy
To survive, that is the penalty
My wonder is where they measured me
One of the most unique that you will ever meet
That was what I knew how to be
Soon to see the true judge of me
Weak as I speak to my eager company
Everyone who will miss me, please come and kiss me
Before the lord whisks me I whisper with a fight
‘The end of life
The end of life
The end, the end

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