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Noah's Ark


Jen Green

Naturopathic Doctor, Rose Cancer Center, Michigan 

Where you grew up:
Toronto, Canada

College Attended: 
McMaster University

Medical School: Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Class of 2000

Favorite quote:
Never doublt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead


 Jen Green    

 Tears in bathwater
     the flood of
poison we make we spray we clean with
  factories of toxins, ads
        and needs made for it
Dumping dumping
        in food, in walls
In the IV, Chemo solution
fight poison with poison
           The hair of the dog that bit you.
the hair of the dog that
was your faithful companion
in white paper, saran wrap
dry cleaning and yes,
                mother's milk
A pause to weep.
How could it ever come to this??
Radical compassion
Cut off for the greater good
Survival of the whole
                        Which whole?

Women in fragments,
lung                          liver                           bone
pieces of mice measured out,
"Did the implanted tumors shrink or grow

                                           shrink or grow?"

Our bodies betray us
     mother grows wild in our breast

Nature run amuck
Splice greed, not gene
         Only a blind eye
Cancer clusters on the map
Rivers like veins, tracing the flow from dumpsites
      to pathology reports.
with hair falling
sanity slipping
so as to meet our marketing goals
         projections fail to read
the cost of
      life, lost love
     cancer, lost species
Cost of living
             living earth.

Commentary: After working for 13 years in cancer care, I notice how challenging it continues for us all to see the big picture - to treat the person and not the disease, to treat the internal ecosystem rather than just the tumor site, to treat genes rather than clean up the environment that determines the expression of those genes.

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