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Hand, Shoulder and Elbow Care

Chronic Pain

No one should suffer from chronic pain. At Wake Forest Baptist Health, our hand, shoulder and elbow specialists provide treatment for nerve disorders including reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and neuropathic pain. If you are experiencing persistent pain, it is important to see a doctor because early diagnosis helps you get the best treatments possible.

Chronic Hand, Shoulder and Elbow Pain: Why Choose Wake Forest?

Chronic pain can be caused by many contributing factors. Because it's a condition that can be complex, it requires the type of advanced diagnostic and treatment options available at Wake Forest Baptist. We offer: 

  • Expert Diagnosis: Our doctors use the latest technology, including 3-phase bone scans, that help them pinpoint the source of your chronic pain better than ever before.
  • Microangiology Lab: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is home to one of the only microangiology labs in the world. The specialized technology used there helps doctors study the blood vessels in your arm to diagnose the root causes of pain. Learn more about our microangiology lab 
  • Team Approach: Our doctors work closely with local and regional pain specialists, anesthesiologists and physical therapists to provide a complete, holistic approach to care. Meet our hand, shoulder and elbow specialists

Wake Forest Microangiology Lab: Expert Diagnosis for Chronic Limb Pain   

The Wake Forest Microangiology Lab allows doctors to use advanced diagnostic tests to pinpoint the source of chronic hand, shoulder and elbow pain. Our specialized equipment can monitor blood flow, cold sensitivity and study blood vessels up close. Our lab offers patients a comfortable environment to undergo these tests, which are painless.

Our tests include:

  • Laser Doppler perfusion imaging
  • Laser Doppler fluxmetry
  • Vital capillaroscopy 

Advanced Treatments for Chronic Hand, Shoulder and Elbow Pain in Winston-Salem

We offer many non-surgical options including physical therapy, pain medications and nerve blocks. If surgery is required, our experienced surgeons have performed hundreds of procedures that have significantly improved pain in patients  with reflex sympathetic dystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome. Our treatments include:

Localized Nerve Blocks for Chronic Pain  

Chronic pain can be managed through injections of medication or anesthetics that numb the affected group of nerves in the shoulder or arm. Local nerve blocks can also help physicians target the specific nerves causing your pain. When used therapeutically, the treatment can provide relief for six to 12 months and can be repeated. Our physicians are pioneers in new treatments, including nerve blocks using ketamine. 

Nerve Decompression for Chronic Pain    

Sometimes nerve fibers become pinched or compressed by ligaments, tendons or bone. Pinched nerves can be a  common cause of chronic pain. If your symptoms fail to improve with medication or physical therapy, surgeons can provide relief by surgically removing the constricting tissue. These procedures are commonly done arthroscopically through small incisions near the affected nerve. This minimally invasive approach offers patients less pain and faster recovery time. Typically, patients can return home the same day as surgery.

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