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Hand, Shoulder and Elbow Care


From severed hands and limbs to complex fractures of the wrist, elbow and arm, our goal at Wake Forest Baptist Health is to preserve as much mobility and function as possible for our trauma patients. Our team also repairs post-traumatic injuries such as the re-straightening of elbows and bones that have healed incorrectly. 

Hand, Shoulder and Elbow Trauma: Why Choose Wake Forest?

We are leaders in trauma care and replant surgery in the Winston-Salem area. Our doctors have the most experience working with severe and complex trauma patients. We offer: 

  • Trauma Specialists: Our doctors at the Wake Forest Level I Trauma Center handle the most severe orthopaedic injuries.
  • Limb Saving Approach: We have extensive experience restoring blood flow and feeling to severely damaged limbs and hands.
  • Pediatric Expertise: Brenner's Children Hospital operates the first and only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in North Carolina. Learn more about the pediatric conditions we treat.
  • Personalized Care: Our goal is to customize a treatment that gets you back to your desired activity level as fast as possible. 

Expert Limb Salvage at Wake Forest

As the leading replant center in the Winston-Salem region, we are experts in limb salvage. Using microsurgery, our surgeons restore blood flow and feeling to the injured limb by reconnecting blood vessels and nerves finer than a human hair. We work in collaboration with specialists in plastic surgery to minimize scarring and preserve the appearance of the damaged limb.

Our patients benefit from our: 

Replant Microsurgery at Wake Forest

Major advancements in microsurgery in the past decade have made the reattachment of torn or severed fingers, hands and arms possible for severely injured patients. Using operating microscopes and microsurgical instruments, Wake Forest surgeons can reconnect arteries, veins and nerves to restore blood flow and feeling in the injured extremity. In some cases, surgeons also perform free flap surgery-transferring tissue and bone from another part of the body to reconstruct an injured limb, for instance, transplanting a patient's toe in place of a severed thumb.

Preserving Feeling and Function After Traumatic Injury

Nerve injury is common in patients suffering high impact accidents. To preserve movement and feeling in the hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder, we specialize in:

  • Nerve repair: Severed or damaged nerves can be repaired using microsurgical techniques. Wake Forest surgeons suture fine nerve fibers together to restore feeling in the injured limb.
  • Nerve transfers: In cases where portions of nerve are missing or damaged, surgeons can take a piece of nerve from another part of the body to connect the missing portion of nerve in the hand or arm.
  • Tendon transfers: In areas where nerves are damaged, muscle function is also lost. To help restore muscle function, surgeons can detach a tendon from its anchor point on the bone and attach it to another point on the bone or to a different bone entirely. 

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