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MAKOplasty® System - Partial Knee Resurfacing

At Wake Forest Baptist Health, we use the MAKOplasty® system for partial knee replacement to give our patients less painful, faster recoveries and a more natural-feeling knee with less implant wear. It’s part of our commitment to offer the most advanced treatment options possible. 

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What is the MAKOplasty® System?

The MAKOplasty system is a combination of bone resurfacing and partial knee implant. The procedure involves resurfacing the diseased portion of the knee, sparing healthy bone and surrounding tissue, and securing an implant so the knee joint moves smoothly again.

This procedure uses the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System. Your orthopaedic surgeon controls the robotic arm 100 percent of the time, so it is like an extension of your surgeon’s hands.

During a MAKOplasty surgery, the RIO provides real-time feedback and three-dimensional imaging, which allow your surgeon to operate more precisely than he could during traditional surgery. It is this optimal placement that can result in more natural knee motion following surgery.

Benefits of MAKOplasty® System Partial Knee Replacement

Patients who undergo the MAKOplasty system Partial Knee Resurfacing procedure enjoy rapid relief from pain, a quick return to daily activities and a more natural-feeling knee after surgery. Other benefits include:

  • Improved surgical outcomes 
  • Less implant wear and loosening 
  • Joint resurfacing 
  • Bone sparing 
  • Smaller incision 
  • Less scarring 
  • Reduced blood loss 
  • Minimal hospitalization 
  • Rapid recovery

Am I a Candidate for MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Replacement?

Typically, MAKOplasty system patients have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and experience the following:

  • Knee pain with activity, usually on the inner knee and/or under the knee cap, or the outer knee
  • Start up knee pain or stiffness when activities are initiated from a sitting position 
  • Failure to respond to non-surgical treatments or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication

You are probably a good candidate for MAKOplasty if you are an adult with early to mid-stage arthritis in no more than two of the following compartments of the knee:

  • Medial (inner) 
  • Patellofemoral (top) 
  • Lateral (outer)

Your ACL must be intact and you must have relatively good alignment of your joints. 

What to Expect After MAKOplasty® System Surgery 

The MAKOplasty system can be performed as either an inpatient procedure or on an outpatient basis depending on what your orthopaedic surgeon determines is right for you. Hospital stays average anywhere from one to three days; ambulatory patients return home the same day.

In many cases, patients are permitted to walk soon after surgery, drive a car within two weeks and return to normal daily activities shortly thereafter.

Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any knee surgical procedure, including MAKOplasty. Your doctor can explain these risks and help determine if the MAKOplasty® system is right for you.

How Long Does a MAKOplasty® System Implant Last?

The life expectancy of implants after MAKOplasty system surgery depends on the following factors: 

  • Patient’s weight 
  • Activity level 
  • Quality of bone stock 
  • Compliance with doctor’s orders after surgery 
  • Proper implant alignment and precise positioning during surgery

RESTORIS® MCK implants enable the treatment of one or two compartments with osteoarthritis. With single compartment disease, a second compartment may be treated in the future if osteoarthritis spreads. Because very little bone is actually removed during a MAKOplasty system procedure, the implants can be replaced with another procedure such as a total knee replacement, if necessary.


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