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Pelvic Pain and Incontinence Program

Pelvic pain is any pain that occurs in the area of the pelvis, internally or externally. Chronic pelvic pain is described as pain that has been present for 6 months or more. Symptoms may include incontinence and pain during or after intercourse.

Pelvic pain is typically caused by abnormal muscle tone in the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles as well as malalignment of the bones in the pelvic region (particularly the pubic symphysis, sacrum, and coccyx).

Coccyx pain is any pain in the coccyx and/or rectal area. Pain in the coccyx (coccydynia) is often due to a trauma such as a fall.

Treating Pelvic Pain and Incontinence

Each patient referred to outpatient musculoskeletal therapy for the treatment of pelvic pain, coccyx pain, and incontinence receives a complete evaluation to assess posture, flexibility, and strength of the lower back, abdomen and pelvis.

If a patient's symptoms are related to the pelvic floor, an internal examination may be performed with patient consent. Strength, muscle tension and pain of the pelvic floor will be assessed during this portion of the examination.

After the evaluation, a customized home exercise program will be developed to address any problem areas. Other treatment techniques may include:

  • Patient education
  • Manual therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Heat
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Biofeedback training: using sensitive equipment that enables you to see and/or hear how your muscles are responding to your therapist's instructions. Treatments include the use of a dual channel EMG system which is a computer based module that offers visual and auditory feedback.

Physical therapy treatment for pelvic pain and incontinence focuses on normalizing muscle tone of the pelvic floor and restoring musculoskeletal balances between the pelvis, sacrum, and hips.

Last Updated: 07-14-2016
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