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Almonte small 

Antoine “Dibs” Almonte, PhD

Research: synaptic transmission, long-term synaptic plasticity, hippocampus, amygdala, drug abuse vulnerability, alcohol, anxiety disorders  

Phone: 336-713-0995
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Rong Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research: drug abuse, neuropharmacology, molecular pharmacology, signaling transduction, genetically modified animals

Phone: 336-716-8605
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Chilton Floyd H 

Floyd H. “Ski” Chilton, III, PhD

Research: inflammation, personalized nutrition, polyunsaturated fatty acids, genomics 

Phone: 336-713-7105
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Paul W. Czoty, PhD
Associate Professor

Research: substance abuse, nonhuman primates, brain imaging, behavioral pharmacology

Phone: 336-713-7112
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James B. Daunais, PhD
Associate Professor

Research: nonhuman primate, in vivo imaging, tissue repository, substance abuse, faculty mentoring

Phone: 336-713-7185
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Deadwyler Samuel A            

Sam A. Deadwyler, PhD

Research: neural analyses, cognition, memory, drug effects

Phone: 336-716-8540
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Donny Eric Christian 

Eric C. Donny, PhD

Research: nicotine, tobacco, behavioral pharmacology, regulatory science, addiction, abuse liability, policy 

Phone: 336-713-1520
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J. Charles Eldridge, PhD

Research: toxicology, bioethics, education, endocrine

Phone: 336-716-8570
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Mark J. Ferris, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research: dopamine, dopamine transporter, voltammetry, nicotine, nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, individual differences, drug abuse vulnerability, psychostimulants, self-administration

Phone: 336-716-8620
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Friedman David P 

David P. Friedman, PhD

Research: alcoholism, monkey, stress, translational research

Phone: 336-713-7186
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Robert E. Hampson, PhD

Research: hippocampus, neural prosthetic, memory, cognitive enhancer, substance abuse

Phone: 336-716-8541
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Howlett Allyn 

Allyn Howlett, PhD

Research: neurons, endocannabinoids, G protein coupled receptors, kinases, interacting scaffolding proteins

Phone: 336-716-8545
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Jones Sarah 2017 

Sara R. Jones, PhD

Research: dopamine, voltammetry, nucleus accumbens, kappa opioid receptor, hypocretin/orexin

Phone: 336-716-8533
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Anushree Karkhanis thumbnail 

Anushree Karkhanis, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research: early-life stress, drug abuse vulnerability, kappa opioid receptors, dopamine, norepinephrine, alcohol, cocaine, voltammetry, microdialysis, optogenetics, self-administration

Phone: 336-716-2671
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Kenneth Kishida, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research: human cognition, decision-making, computational psychiatry, human neuroimaging, human voltammetry

Phone: 336-716-0419
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Mei-Chuan Ko, PhD

Research: opioids, pain/analgesics, itch/antipruritics, drug dependence, stress, neuropsychiatric disorders

Phone: 336-713-5466
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Brian A. McCool, PhD

Research: anxiety, chronic ethanol, amygdala, whole-cell electrophysiology, molecular biology

Phone: 336-716-8608
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Michael A. Nader, PhD

Research: monkey models, PET imaging, social behavior, behavioral pharmacology, cocaine abuse

Phone: 336-713-7172
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Kirsten M. O'Hearn, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research: cognitive development, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Williams syndrome, social cognition, developmental neuroscience, atypical development, visual development, multisensory integration, adolescent development, social interventions

Phone: 336-716-2420
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Linda J. Porrino, PhD
Professor and Chair

Research: imaging, cocaine, substance abuse, alcohol

Phone: 336-716-8506
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Kimberly Raab-Graham, PhD
Associate Professor

Research: local protein synthesis, depression, autism, alcohol use disorder, Alzheimer's disease, ion channels, GABAB receptors, mTORC1, calcium imaging, proteomics

Phone: 336-716-6072
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Jeffrey L. Weiner, PhD

Research: alcohol self-administration, anxiety, electrophysiology, amygdala, hippocampus

Phone: 336-716-8692
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Daniel Yohannes, PhD, MBA
Assistant Professor

Research: drug discovery, substance abuse, nicotine addiction, cognition enhancement, GU/GI

Phone: 336-713-1556
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