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Allyn Howlett, PhD

Allyn Howlett, PhD - Publications

Howlett, A.C., Blume, L.C. and Dalton, G.D. (2010) CB1 cannabinoid receptors and their associated proteins. Curr. Med. Chem. 17:1382-1393. PMID:20166926  PMCID: PMC3179980

Pertwee, R.G., Howlett, A.C., Abood, M.E., Alexander, S.P.H., Di Marzo, V., Elphick, M.R., Greasley, P.J., Hansen, H.S., Kunos, G. Mackie, K. Mechoulam, R., and Ross, R.A. (2010) Cannabinoid Receptors and their Ligands: Beyond CB1 and CB2. Pharmacol. Rev. 62:588-631. PMID: 21079038; PMCID: PMC2993256

Howlett, A.C., Reggio, P.H., Childers, S.E., Hampson, R.E., Ulloa, N. and Deutsch, D. (2011)  Endocannabinoid Tone versus Constitutive Activity of Cannabinoid Receptors. Br. J. Pharmacol. 163:1329-1343. PMID: 21545414; PMCID: PMC3165945

Carney, S.T., Lloyd, M.L., MacKinnon, S.E., Newton, D.C., Jones, J.D., Howlett, A.C. and Norford, D.C. (2009) Cannabinoid regulation of nitric oxide synthase I (nNOS) in neuronal cells.  J. Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 4: 338-349. PMID:19365734 PMCID:PMC2719736.

Skelly, M.J., Guy, E.A., Howlett, A.C., and Pratt, W.E. (2010) CB1 receptors modulate the intake of a sweetened fat diet in response to mu-opioid receptor stimulation of the nucleus accumbens. Pharmacol. Biochem., Behav. 97:144-151. PMID:20562021 PMCID:PMC2952700.

Oddi, S., Dainese, E., Sandiford, S., Fezza, F., Lanuti, M., Chiurchiu, V., Totaro, A., Catanzaro, G., Barcaroli, D., De Laurenzi, V., Centonze, D., Mukhopadhyay, S., Selent, J., Howlett, A.C., and Maccarrone, M. (2012) Effects of palmitoylation of Cys(415) in helix 8 of CB1 cannabinoid receptor on membrane localization and signalling Br.J. Pharmacol., 165:2635-2651. PMID:21895628 PMCID: PMC3423250.

Dalton, G.D. and Howlett, A.C. (2012) CB1 receptors transactivate multiple receptor tyrosine kinases to activate ERK in neuronal cells. Br. J. Pharmacol. 165:2497-2511. PMID: 21518335 PMCID: PMC3423237.

Blume, L.C., Bass, C.E., Childers, S.R., Dalton, G.D., Roberts, D.C.S., Richardson, J.M., Xiao, R., Selley, D.E. and Howlett, A.C. (2013) Striatal CB1 and D2 receptors regulate expression of each other, CRIP1a and delta opioid systems. J. Neurochem. 124:808-20. PMID:23286559 PMCID: PMC3697910.

McQuail, J.A., Davis, K.N., Miller, F., Hampson, R.E., Deadwyler, S.A., Howlett, A.C. and Nicolle, M.M. (2013)  Hippocampal Gq/11 but not Go-coupled receptors are altered in aging. Neuropharmacology 70C:63-73. PMID:23347951 PMCID: PMC3705722.

Dalton, G.D., Peterson, L.J. and Howlett, A.C. (2013) CB1 cannabinoid receptors promote maximal Focal Adhesion Kinase catalytic activity by stimulating cooperative signaling between receptor tyrosine kinases and integrins in neuronal cells. Cell. Signal. 25:1665-1677. PMID: 23571270  PMCID In process

Malpass, G.E., Arimilli, S., Prasad, G.L. and Howlett, A.C. (2013) Complete artificial saliva alters expression of proinflammatory cytokines in human dermal fibroblasts. Toxicol Sci. 134:18-25.  PMID: 23629517 PMCID: PMC3693133.


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