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About the Press Ganey Satisfaction Survey

What is Press Ganey? 

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Press Ganey is a patient experience company in South Bend, Indiana. We partner with them, but it is an independent company. This means there is no chance for bias in the survey questions or reported results. 

Press Ganey partners with more than 50% of all U.S. hospitals to help improve clinical and business outcomes. Learn more about Press Ganey.Press Ganey Certified Seal

Wake Forest Baptist Health is proud to have earned the, “Press Ganey Seal of Integrity.” The seal acknowledges that the patient satisfaction data we share meets scientifically-rigorous standards as put forth by Press Ganey.

Who receives the survey? 

Patients who are seen at Wake Forest Baptist Health’s outpatient clinics are randomly selected to receive a survey. Surveys are sent through the mail or emailed within a few weeks of appointments. 

Are all comments posted? 

We collect comments from the Care Provider section of the Press Ganey Survey and post them weekly.   

Both positive and negative comments are posted, with these exceptions: 

  • Offensive, abusive or malicious language 
  • Names or detailed descriptions that jeopardize patient confidentiality or privacy 
  • Comments about other providers, departments or instances of care (Emergency Department, Financial Services, Pharmacy, etc.) 

Why don’t we see patient ratings and comments for every doctor? 

Currently, not all doctor ratings and comments are available. The number of rated physicians will increase over time. 

The more ratings a provider receives, the more accurate and statistically reliable the data is. Providers with less than 30 ratings may not have patient ratings listed on their profiles. 

What questions are asked on the survey? 


If you have questions or concerns, please email

Other Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is posting Press Ganey ratings and comments so important? 

Today’s society increasingly demands transparency and access to information which allows for informed decision making. We believe that by giving current and prospective patients and their families access to doctor ratings and comments, they gain additional insight into what other patient interactions have been like, and they can make more informed decisions when choosing a health care provider. 

Internally, we use the data and comments on Press Ganey surveys to help our Patient Experience Team focus on issues of great importance to our patients and families. Access to patient satisfaction information allows us to make changes in policies, procedures and communication techniques to ensure that we are providing the best possible health care experience for our patients and families.  

Can any Wake Forest Baptist patient post a comment?

Comments cannot be posted directly to a provider's profile. All comments are taken from the Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys. When Wake Forest Baptist patients receive these surveys, they can write comments on them. As long as the comments do not include any of the exclusion criteria, they will be posted on the provider's profile within two to three weeks of when they are received.  

Which patients receive surveys and how are they chosen?  

Patients eligible to receive a survey will have: 

  • Been seen in an outpatient setting 
  • Not received a survey about an outpatient visit in the last 30 days 

Twenty-five outpatient surveys are mailed out, per provider, per month to a random sample of patients. All additional patients who have not received an outpatient survey will receive an e-survey, provided they have not seen the same provider within 30 days and we have their e-mail addresses on file.  

Are surveys sent out to patients seeing doctors in all specialties?  

Yes, outpatient surveys are sent to patients seeing doctors in all specialties. The questions and structure of the survey may vary slightly between specialties. 

What is the percentage of the surveys are returned?  

The average return rate is 18%. The return rate does vary by specialty.  

How many of the comments are posted? 

We don't know yet exactly, but early indicators are that only 3.5% of all comments meet the exclusion criteria and are not posted.

What happens if a physician or their practice receives a bad review? 

The review will be posted. The Patient Experience team will work with providers who request coaching or help on how to improve their patients' experiences.

Could a couple of bad reviews affect a doctor's ranking?

A minimum of 30 ratings (not comments) are needed to ensure statistical validity. Providers with less than 30 ratings may still have data featured on their profiles, but it is their choice. When a provider has less than 30 returned surveys, ratings are more likely to fluctuate based on surveys with extreme responses, positive or negative.

Do other hospitals do this?

Yes, but as currently as 2014 only four other hospitals in the nation do so. We are proud that Wake Forest Baptist is the first hospital in North Carolina to post Press Ganey doctor ratings and patient comments

How will patient privacy be protected in these comments

Any comment that risks patient privacy (e.g. names, unique diagnoses, unique procedures or complications) will not be posted.  


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