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Customer Expectations

Customer expectations vary according to the consumers’ knowledge of the services provided by the Department. Some expectations of the consumers listed in the previous section include: 

  • Patients and families - These customers often arrive at the Medical Center without prior knowledge of our services and are impressed to learn that our program exists to lessen the stress associated with hospitalization. Patients and families who have been exposed to our program before or are aware of similar programs come expecting to find services to make their hospitalization a more positive experience. Once patients are aware of our services they expect to receive a quality level of care in a safe and secure environment. Many patients and families also expect, in addition to treatment or intervention focused services, to have diversional activities which can make hospitalization more enjoyable. The value of the services provided are reflected in patient satisfaction surveys, letters received by the Medical Center and by the donations made to the Department.
  • Physicians and other treatment team members - These individuals also come with different expectations of the service depending on their exposure to the program. Physicians have to make a formal referral for Recreation and Activity Therapy and some choose treatment or intervention based services while others feel the general recreation opportunities are beneficial for patients.  Physicians and other members of the treatment team (which may include physical/occupational therapy, nursing, speech therapy, nutrition, social work, pastoral care, and psychology) expect input from department staff in assessing patient needs, goal setting, progress and discharge planning. The expectations of physicians and other treatment team members are outlined in departmental policies and procedures.
  • Medical Center inpatient and outpatient units - These consumers expect a timely response to requests/consults and for the staff to provide services and/or equipment which will assist the patient/family in having a more enjoyable hospital admission/visit.
  • Volunteers and other members of the public - The needs of these consumers are divided into those who wish to provide a service and those who desire a service of our Department. Individuals who volunteer in our program expect a rewarding experience either interacting with patients or providing a service which will be valuable for patients. Most volunteers expect training on the service they will be performing, accessibility to a staff person and the provision of a safe and secure environment. Many volunteers also expect to be recognized for their time/efforts. Volunteer Services tracks volunteer satisfaction with various assignments throughout the Medical Center. Members of the public who visit our Medical Center units expect a rewarding experience, a staff escort and recognition for their time/donations. Many individuals and/or groups who do not have the time or desire to visit the Medical Center units make donations in order that they may feel they have contributed to the patients and/or department. Each visit and donation is recognized by staff with a letter of appreciation. Individuals who request a service from our Department (such as speaking engagements/classes) expect a quality program and information which will assist in broadening their knowledge base.
  • Student and university faculty - These consumers come with defined expectations of what training opportunities are needed in order for students to receive a valuable learning experience. They expect qualified staff to deliver these opportunities in an ethical manner and according to the profession's standards of practice. Students in the Recreation/Activity internship program complete a departmental evaluation so that improvements can be made to the program.
  • Colleagues - These individuals expect assistance or collaboration on issues effecting the profession.
  • Medical Center staff and administration - This group expects data/reports that will assist in effective and efficient delivery of patient care services. They also expect the Department to uphold the Mission/Value Statements of the Medical Center and to provide services that represent value to its customers.

The Department currently surveys patients, families and interns for their perceptions of the services provided and is examining additional survey tools for measuring other consumers expectations and opinions of the programs provided.


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Last Updated: 06-02-2016
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