Optimal care for your patients newly diagnosed with cancer is important to you - and to us. That's why the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center launched a Second Opinion program for patients with cancer.

Highlights of the Second Opinion Program Include:

  • Reduced initial access time for your patients.
  • Multidisciplinary cancer specialists who work together as a team to recommend and provide a personalized care management plan for your patient. This plan will be delivered to you within seven days for review with your patient.
  • A special Second Opinion care team to make the process easier for you and your patients. This team includes a clinical navigator, care navigator and medical records specialist.
  • The resources of a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center that can give you the most up-to-date cancer research findings and clinical trials to offer your patients.
  • In many cases, getting a Second Opinion at Wake Forest Baptist Health will save your patients travel time versus going to other academic medical centers and cancer centers in the state.

How Can Your Special Second Opinion Care Team Help You and Your Patients?

Your centralized point of contact will usually be a nurse practitioner. This clinical navigator will:

  • Provide the initial intake with your patient
  • Complete a full work up plan
  • Conduct a medical records review
  • Schedule diagnostic services
  • Schedule the Second Opinion physician appointment
  • Keep you updated throughout the Second Opinion process

Your patient's main contact - the care navigator - will:

  • Be your patient's point of contact when your patient is not at Wake Forest Baptist Health
  • As needed, help patients with non-medical needs such as travel arrangements

Expedited records will be delivered by a medical records specialist. This designated specialist will:

  • Fast track the coordination of all external records for your patient