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Nicholette Allred
Characterization of human genetic variation and application of this information to understand common human diseases such as type 2 diabetes. This research combines approaches from population genetics, molecular biology, and epidemiology.

Peter Antinozzi
Functional mapping and analysis of disease-susceptibility loci; metabolism-secretion coupling in pancreatic beta-cells; development of high-throughput, high-content cell-based assays. (Laboratory Page)

Donald W. Bowden
Molecular genetic analysis of human diseases: diabetes, diabetes complications, hypertension, vision disorders. (Laboratory Page)

Larry W. Daniel
Signal transduction pathways and their alterations in cancer and inflammation, mechanism of action of phorbol diester tumor promoters; regulation of protein kinase C, phospholipase D, Raf-1 and cyclooxygenase-2. (Laboratory Page)

Thomas Hollis
Structure and function of DNA repair proteins and nucleases; protein crystallography.(Laboratory Page) 

W. Todd Lowther
Repair of the oxidative damage to free methionine and methionine within proteins; macromolecular X-ray crystallography; enzyme mechanisms. (Laboratory Page)

Douglas S. Lyles
Virus assembly; antiviral cytotoxic T-cells; membrane protein structure. (Laboratory Page)

Derek Parsonage
Structure-function studies of the FAD-dependent streptococcal NADH peroxidase and NADH oxidase; site-directed mutagenesis. (Laboratory Page)

Fred W. Perrino
Enzymes that replicate, repair, and disassemble the human genome: DNA polymerases and exonucleases. (Laboratory Page)

Leslie B. Poole
Antioxidant enzyme systems; flavoprotein structure-function relationships; redox-active cystine disulfide centers. (Laboratory Page)

Lawrence Rudel
Plasma lipoprotein metabolism and regulation of apolipoprotein gene expression; cholesterol transport and trafficking. (Laboratory Page)

Susan Sergeant
Cellular signaling pathways in the human neutrophil. (Laboratory Page)

Joint Appointed Faculty

Rebecca Alexander
Mechanisms associated with protein-nucleic acid interactions that facilitate transcription of RNA, translation of proteins, and RNA structural changes. (Laboratory Page)

Cristina M. Furdui
Quantify the effect of oncogenic mutations, oxidation and pH on the re-wiring of signaling and metabolic networks under pathogenic conditions; Apply time-resolved mass spectrometry for quantitative monitoring of rapid enzyme kinetics/drug screening assays. (Laboratory Page)

Jed C Macosko
Physics of biological systems, and the mechanical properties of metastatic cells. (Laboratory Page)

John S. Parks
Pathogenesis of complex, chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis (i.e., hardening of the arteries), diabetes, and obesity. (Laboratory Page)

Emeritus Faculty

Roy R. Hantgan
Integrin structure and function; molecular and cellular mechanisms of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis. (Laboratory Page)

Mark O. Lively
Cellular roles and mechanisms of catalysis of novel proteolytic enzymes; structural analysis of proteins and polypeptides. (Laboratory Page)

Linda C. McPhail
Biochemistry of phagocyte function, specifically oxidative metabolism; mechanisms of intracellular signal transduction. (Laboratory Page)

Peter B. Smith
In vitro expression of mammalian monooxygenase enzymes. (Laboratory Page)

Alan J. Townsend
Molecular pharmacology of anticancer drugs; mechanisms of resistance to cytotoxic and mutagenic agents; glutathione metabolizing enzymes; aldehyde dehydrogenases. (Laboratory Page)

Last Updated: 06-19-2017
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