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Neveen Said Laboratory

Research Interests:

Cancer/oncogenesis, cell growth and differentiation, tumor microenvironment, metastasis, tumor suppressor genes, inflammation, metastasis, experimental therapeutics.


PUBLICATIONS: (peer-reviewed)

1. Abbasi, A, Khalaj, M, Akiyama, K, Mukai, Y, Matsumoto, H, Acosta, T, Said,   N, Yoshida, M, and Kunieda, T. Lack of Rev7 function results in development of tubulostromal adenomas in mouse ovary. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 2015 Sep 5;412:19-25. doi: 10.1016/j.mce.2015.05.022. Epub 2015 May 21.PMID: 26004212.

2. Said, N and Theodorescu, D. Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine (SPARC) in Cancer. Journal of Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis, 4:3, 2013.

3. Said, N, Frierson, HF, Sanchez-Carbayo, M, Brekken, RA and Theodorescu, D. Loss of SPARC in a murine model of bladder cancer accelerates carcinogenesis and progression. J Clin Invest., 123 (2), 2013. Highlighted in UVA-SOM news:, and in Cancer Research Highlights from recent findings:

4. Said, N, and Theodorescu, D. RhoGDI2 suppresses bladder cancer metastasis via reduction of versican expression and macrophage infiltration. OncoImmunology, 1(7):1175-1177, 2012.

5. Al-Hassan, N, Behzadian, A, Caldwell, R, Ivanova, V, Syed, V, Motamed, K, and Said, N*. Differential Roles of uPAR in Peritoneal Ovarian Carcinomatosis. Neoplasia. 14 (4):259270, 2012. *corresponding author; selected as cover page:

6. Said, N, Smith, SC, Sanchez-Carbayo, M and Theodorescu, D. RhoGDI2 suppresses lung metastasis in mice by reducing tumor versican expression and macrophage infiltration. J Clin Invest. 122(4):1503-18, 2012. Highlighted in Nature Reviews Urology Research Highlights;

7. Said, N, and Theodorescu, D. Permissive Role of Endothelin Receptors in Tumor Metastasis. Life Sci. 2012 Apr 17, 2012. [Epub ahead of print]. 

8. Said, N, Smith, SC, Sanchez-Carbayo, M, and Theodorescu, D. Tumor endothelin-1 enhances metastatic colonization of the lung in mouse xenograft models of bladder cancer. J Clin Invest. 4; 121(1):132-47, 2011.

9. Said, N, and Theodorescu, D. Pathways of Metastasis Suppression in Bladder Cancer. Cancer and Metastasis Reviews, 28(3-4): 327-333, 2009.

10. Said N, Frierson H, Chernauskas D, Motamed K, and Theodorescu D. The Role of SPARC in the TRAMP Model of Prostate Carcinogenesis and Progression. Oncogene, 28(39): 3487-98, 2009.

11. Socha MJ, Said N, Dai YS, Kwong J, Ramalingam P, Trieu V, Desai N, Mok SC, and Motamed K. Aberrant promoter methylation of SPARC in ovarian cancer. Neoplasia, 11(2): 126-135, 2009.

12. Said N, Elmarakby AA, Imig JD, Fulton DJ, and Motamed K. SPARC Ameliorates Ovarian Cancer-associated Inflammation. Neoplasia, 10(10):1092-104, 2008.

13. Said N, Socha M, Olearczyk JJ, Elmarakby AA, Imig JD, and Motamed K. Normalization of the microenvironment of ovarian peritoneal carcinomatosis by host SPARC. Mol Cancer Res., 5(10):1015-30, 2007.

14. Socha, M., Manhiani, M., Said, N., Imig, J.D., and Motamed, K. Targeted deletion of SPARC ameliorates Angiotensin II-induced renal damage independently of effects on blood pressure. Amer. J Pathol., 171(4):1104-12, 2007.

15. Said N., Najwer I., Socha M., Fulton D., Mok SC., and Motamed K. SPARC inhibits LPA-mediated mesothelial-ovarian cancer cell crosstalk. Neoplasia, 9(1): 23-35, 2007.

16. Said N., Najwer I. and Motamed K. SPARC Inhibits Integrin-mediated Adhesion and Growth Factor-dependent Survival in Ovarian Cancer. Amer. J. Pathol, 170(3):1054-63, 2007.

17. Said N. and Motamed K. Absence of host SPARC augments ovarian carcinoma metastasis and ascites formation in a syngeneic mouse model. Amer. J. Pathol., 167:1739-1752, 2005.

18. Said NA, Shoeir AT, Panjwani N, Garate M and Cao Z. Local and systemic humoral immune response during acute and chronic Acanthamoeba keratitis in rabbits. Curr. Eye Res. 29(6): 229-239, 2004.

19. Cao Z, Said N, Wu HK, Kuwabara I, Lui F-T, and Panjwani N. Galectin-7. a potential mediator of corneal epithelial cell migration. Arch. Ophthalmol. 121:82-85, 2003.

20. Cao Z, Said N, Amin S, Wu HK, Bruce A, Garate M, Hsu, DK, Kuwabara I, Lui FT, and Panjwani N. Galectins-3 and -7, but not galectin-1, play a role in re-epithelialization of wounds. J. Biol. Chem. 277: 42299-42305, 2002.

21. Said NA and Salah El-Din MM. The prevalence of Acanthamoeba as a commensal in the conjunctiva. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 40 (4): s 263, 1999.

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