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Overview of Research Labs in the Genomics Center

The Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine Research occupies the third floor (18,400 square feet) of the Nutrition and Research Center (NRC) for its bench and laboratory functions.  Several large bench laboratories and mulitple small bench laboratories, which are used for molecular biology, genotyping, sequencing, funtional genomics, cell biology, and medicator analysis are included.  Our research laboratories are well-equipped with state of the art equipment necessary to perform current molecular genetic procedures including genome scanning, DNA sequencing, high-throuput SNP genotyping, epigenetic, and gene expression studies.  The MassARRAY is a combination of various automated workstations, in addition to a mass spectrometer, that utilizes a primer extension assay for high-throughput allelic discrimination. Using single-plex reactions (1 SNP per DNA sample), this system is capable of analyzing ~8,000 SNPs per day. By adding multiplexing capabilities, the throughput may be increased to ~40,000 SNPs per day. In addition, this system automatically designs SNP assays and scores the alleles, further increasing the efficiency. 

Major Equipment

  • 1 ABI 3730XL
  • 1 ABI 7500 Real-Time PCR system
  • 1 AutoPure LS DNA isolation robot for isolation of DNA from large volumes of whole blood (Gentra Systems, Inc.)
  • 1 Luminex100 (Luminex, Inc.) for protein measurements
  • 3 Beckman automated robotic workstations (a Biomek 2000 and a Biomek FX)
  • 14 thermocyclers
  • a UV spectrophotometer (Beckman)
  • a 96-well spectrophotometer (Molecular Dynamics)
  • a gel imaging system (Alpha Innotech) 
  • MassARRAY SNP genotyping system (Sequenom, Inc.)
  • Illumina Infinium and Golden Gate-based assays
  • BeadStation 500GX (Illumina) and HiScan scanner to scan microarrays
  • 1 Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000
  • 2 GeneChip Fluidics Stations 450
  • 1 BioRad FX imager for autoradiography and fluorometry
  • 1 ABI Lifescope computing cluster
  • 1 BioRad Versadoc imaging station for agarose gels imaging and chemiluminescence
  • 1 ABI SOLiD 5500 XL mass array DNA sequencer
  • 1 Covaris DNA shearer
  • 1 automated DNA library builder
  • Illumina NextSeq 500

Tissue Immunohistochemistry & Cell Biology Facilities Equipment

  • Nikon TE2000 (inverted) and Nikon E800 (upright) light microscopes with Hoffman Modulation phase contrast, brightfield and flourescent optics
  • Phase III Image Pro Plus image analysis system with a Spot RT digital camera are attached to the E800 and a Retiga 1300 digital camera on the TE2000 for image capture and analyses   
  • DAGE-MTI videocamera with Newvicon tube and a Sony videorecorder are also available with Neue Live Cell chamer for live cell imaging over time
  • Sorvall RT7 and Legend refrigerated centrifuges, Sorvall Biofuge Fresco, Marathon 16K/M table-top centrifuges, and Shandon Cytospin 3 cytocentrifuge provide a wide range of centrifugation capabilities
  • horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis units (Emprotech, Hoefer and IBI), Hoefer vertical electrophoresis units, transblot units, power supplies, and LKB Mulitphor II electrofocusing units are available with Haake K circulating cooling unit for electrophoresis
  • Kodak Image Station 4000MM with digital camera and Li-COR Odyssey infrared imaging station, transilluminators (IBI 750-M UV Transilluminator or standard visible light box) to record electrophoretic results
  • Thermo/Savant SC110A Speed Vac Dryer, Hybaid Mini Oven MKII hybridization oven, Isco Electrophoretic Concentrator, Wheaton shaker table, Bellco rocker platform, Nanodrop ND-1000 and Spectronic 1001 spectrophotometers, 2 BioRad iCyclers thermal cyclers, water baths (shaking or static), pH meters, top-loading and analytical balances, vacuum pumps and vacuum oven
  • Barnstead Nanopure infinity water purification system, microwaves, -20 oC freezers and refriderators
  • Arteck Sonic Dismembranator
  • Tekmar TR10 tissue grinder
  • VWR, Revco Elite and So-Low -80oC freezers
  • MRX Revelation Temperature Control automated plate reader
  • separate incubators (New Brunswick shaker) for bacterial culture
  • 4 Herasafe KS12 biological safety cabinets
  • 4 Heracell 240 self-sterilizing CO2 incubators
  • Nikon Eclipse TS100 inverted microscope
  • Sorvall Legend RT refridgerated centrifuge and Eppendorf micro-centrifuge
  • Drummond Pipetaid, repeater and multichannel pipetters
  • Locator 6Plus liquid nitrogen storage tank with Level Monitor for cell storage

Computer Resources

Genetic analyses are performed on  an ORACLE Sun X4-2 (2 Intel(r) Xeon(r) CPU E5-2690 v2 @ 3.00GHz cpu's 10 cores each  2 hyper threads each, total 40 parallel threads, 512 GB RAM, 4.27TB usable redundant ZFS disk space),  a Sun Fire V40z (4 dual-core (8 cores) AMD Opteron 880 cpus, 32 GB memory and 1.8 TB disk space) servers. An ORACLE Sun X4-2L(2 Intel(r) Xeon(r) CPU E5-2690 v2 @ 3.00GHz cpu's 10 cores each  2 hyper threads each, total 40 parallel threads, 128 GB RAM, 32TB usable redundant ZFS disk space) and SUN Fire x4500 (2 dual-core AMD64 285 2.6GHz CPU’s, 16GB RAM, 16 TB usable ZFS redundant disk space) provide total 48TB of usable redundant disk space. In addition, a SUN Enterprise 450 and 15 high speed PC’s used for data management and computational analysis. 

Laboratory productivity in the last three years

Following the creation of the genomics lab three years ago, we have evaluated over 30 genes in disease susceptibility and published ~30 peer-reviewed research papers. Many of these are in prestigious journals including Nature Genetics, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Cancer Research, and The American Journal of Human Genetics.

Quick Reference

Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine Research

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Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine Research
Wake Forest School of Medicine
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Winston-Salem, NC  27157
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