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Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource

Seminar Archive

Topics in Research Methods

Director: Ralph B. D'Agostino Jr., PhD
Administrator: Tina Martin,  

Date SpeakerSeminar Title
May 2015Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHS Developing a New Outcome Measure for Cancer Clinical Trials: Invasion Progression-Free Survival 
Apr 2015Bob Morrell, M.S., Cancer CenterCCCWFU Informatics - 2016 and Beyond (AKA - CCCWFU Informatics 'Post Bob Morrell) 
Feb 2015Scott Isom, M.S., PHSValidating a Predictive Cox Regression Model in Cancer Research
Jan 2015Amy Landon, B.S., Cancer CenterAn Overview of RECIST 1.1 and Evaluation of Response Status in Cancer Clinical Trials
Oct 2014Nora Fino, M.S., PHSAn Introduction to Adaptive Clinical Trials
Sep 2014Fang-Chi Hsu, Ph.D., PHSAn Introduction to Linear Regression
May 2014Greg Russell, M.S., PHSMisuse of Statistics (or When You Are Possibly Being Lied to or Misled by Graphs and Numbers)
Mar 2014Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSAn Introduction to Meta-Analysis With Applied Examples in Cancer Research
Feb 2014Jeff Chou, Ph.D., PHSCluster Extraction and its Consensus: An Application in Breast Cancer Gene Expression Data
Jan 2014Scott Isom, M.S., PHSPhase I Clinical Trial Designs
Oct 2013Janet Tooze, Ph.D., PHSData Management for Cancer Studies: Best Practices and an Introduction to REDCap
*Feb 2012Greg Russell, M.S., PHSRestorative Yoga for Women with Breast Cancer: Findings from a Randomized Pilot Study
Dec 2011Scott Isom, M.S., PHSProtocol Operations Workgroup (POW)  Statistical Reviews: An Overview of Key Components and Common Issues
Oct 2011Amy Landon, B.S., Cancer CenterA Review of Procedures for Clinical Trial Research
Sep 2011Bob Morrell, M.S., Cancer CenterDrinking from the Fire Hose: Getting research data from the EMR and other systems
Jun 2011Jeff Chou, Ph.D., PHSMicroarray study from hundreds to a few samples
May 2011Doug Case, Ph.D., PHS Randomization and Clinical Trials
Apr 2011Scott Isom, M.S., PHSPhase I Clinical Trial Designs: A Comparison of Different Methods
Mar 2011James Lovato, M.S., PHSIntroduction to Survival Analysis
Feb 2011Greg Russell, M.S., PHSWhat’s the Risk? An Introduction to Odds Ratios and Relative Risks
Dec 2010Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSProtocol Statistics - A review of the statistical elements needed in protocols
Nov 2010Janet Tooze, Ph.D., PHSAn Introduction to the Analysis of Longitudinal Data
Sep 2010Amy Landon, B.S., Cancer CenterQuality Assurance and Protocol Development: Resources Available from The Biostatistics Core 
Jun 2010Doug Case, Ph.D., PHSA Tour of Statistical Graphics – Day 2
May 2010James Lovato, M.S., PHSSome Cautionary Tales in the Analysis of Cancer Clinical Trials
Mar 2010Scott Isom, M.S., PHSAn Introduction to Factor Analysis
Feb 2010Greg Russell, M.S., PHSMisuse of Statistics (or How Some People May Lie and Mislead Using Numbers)
Dec 2009Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSAn Introduction to Meta-Analysis
Nov 2009 Bob Morrell, M.S., Cancer CenterResearch Data Security: It's not Just for Nerds Anymore
Sep 2009Janet Tooze, Ph.D., PHS Introduction to Linear Regression
Jun 2009Doug Case, Ph.D., PHSStatistical Graphics
May 2009James Lovato, M.S., PHSN. Mantel, E. L. Kaplan, P. Meier, and R. Cox – Their contributions to survival analysis
Apr 2009Scott Isom, M.S., PHS An Overview of Phase I and II Clinical Trial Designs for Cancer Research
Mar 2009Greg Russell, M.S., PHSMonitoring Health Outcomes and Quality of Life Following Intraperitoneal Hyperthermic Chemotherapy for Peritoneal Carcinomatosis
Feb 2009Bob Morrell, M.S., Cancer CenterClinical Trial Reporting: The Law, the Editors and the NCI
Oct 2008Thomas McCoy, M.S., PHSAn Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
Sep 2008Janet Tooze, Ph.D., PHSTips for writing the statistical analysis and power sections of grants and protocols
Jun 2008Doug Case, Ph.D., PHSSample size determination for clinical trials’
May 2008 James Lovato, M.S., PHSIssues in Interim Monitoring of Clinical Trials
Mar 2008Bob Morrell, M.S., Cancer CentercaBIG: What you need to know, and when do you need to know it?
Feb 2008Greg Russell, M.S., PHSRestorative Yoga for Women with Breast Cancer: Findings from a Pilot Study
Dec 2007Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSComposite Endpoints in Medical Research Pros and Cons for Their Use
Nov 2007Scott Isom, M.S., PHSPropensity Score Methods for Analyzing Observational Data from the SEER Database
Oct 2007Janet Tooze, Ph.D., PHSAn Intro to Linear Regression
Sep 2007Dan Fried, Ph.D. Simulating randomized trials using a re-sampled matched-pair analysis
Jun 2007Doug Case, Ph.D., PHS Everyday Stats
Apr 2007Thomas McCoy, M.S., PHS Beyond Life and Death: Design and Analysis of Quality of Life in Cancer Research
Mar 2007Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSAn Overview of Phase I and II Clinical Trial Designs for Cancer Research
Oct 2006Greg Russell, M.S., PHS For One More Month -- At What Price?
Sep 2006Ina Hoeschele, Ph.D., Virginia Bioinformatics Institute An introduction to Genetical Genomics and Systems Genetics to better understand cancer and other complex diseases 
Aug 2006Thomas McCoy, M.S., PHS Methods of Estimating Time to Cancer-related Events: Before and After Kaplan-Meier 
May 2006James Lovato, M.S., PHS Some Pitfalls in the Analysis of Cancer Clinical Trials
Apr 2006Edward Ip, Ph.D., PHS Applying psychometrics to the measurement of psychosocial phenomena in clinical research
Feb 2006Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSAn overview of the use of meta-analysis in medical research
Jan 2006Janet Tooze, Ph.D., PHS Introduction to analysis of repeated measures data
Dec 2005Thomas McCoy, M.S., PHS An Introduction to Logistic Regression
Oct 2005Greg Russell, M.S., PHS The Strange Odyssey of Negative Significant Results
Sep 2005Doug Case, Ph.D., PHS Randomization in clinical trials
Aug 2005Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSPower and sample size considerations in research studies
Jul 2005James Lovato, M.S., PHS Issues in interim monitoring of clinical trials
May 2005Janet Tooze, Ph.D., PHS Introduction to survival analysis 
Apr 2005Ralph D'Agostino Jr., Ph.D., PHSOverview of Statistical Resources

 *Seminar temporarily suspended due to scheduling issues. 

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