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Prostate Cancer

Publications: Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence

The Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence, though its members in basic and clinical programs, includes numerous publications. Some recent examples include:

Han Y, Signorello LB, Strom SS, Kittles RA, Rybicki BA, Stanford JL, Goodman PJ, Berndt SI, Carpten J, Casey G, Chu L, Conti DV, Rand KA, Diver WR, Hennis AJ, John EM, Kibel AS, Klein EA, Kolb S, Le Marchand L, Leske MC, Murphy AB, Neslund-Dudas C. Generalizability of established prostate cancer risk variants in men of African ancestry. Int J Cancer. 2015;136(5):1210-1217.


Gmeiner WH, Boyacioglu O, Stuart CH, Jennings-Gee J, Balaji KC. The cytotoxic and pro-apoptotic activities of the novel fluoropyrimidine F10 towards prostate cancer cells are enhanced by Zn(2+) -chelation and inhibiting the serine protease Omi/HtrA2. Prostate. 2015;75(4):360-369.


Fang X, Gyabaah K, Nickkholgh B, Cline JM, Balaji KC.. Novel in vivo model for combinatorial fluorescence labeling in mouse prostate. Prostate. 2015;():.


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Na R, Ye D, Liu F, Chen H, Qi J, Wu Y, Zhang G, Wang M, Wang W, Sun J, Yu G, Zhu Y, Ren S, Zheng SL, Jiang H, Sun Y, Ding Q, Xu J. Performance of serum prostate-specific antigen isoform [-2]proPSA (p2PSA) and the prostate health index (PHI) in a Chinese hospital-based biopsy population. Prostate. 2014;74(15):1569-1575.


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Krishnan B, Smith TL, Dubey P, Zapadka ME, Torti FM, Willingham MC, Tallant EA, Gallagher PE. Angiotensin-(1-7) attenuates metastatic prostate cancer and reduces osteoclastogenesis. Prostate. 2013;73(1):71-82.


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Baiz D, Hassan S, Choi YA, Flores A, Karpova Y, Yancey D, Pullikuth A, Sui G, Sadelain M, Debinski W, Kulik G. Combination of the PI3K inhibitor ZSTK474 with a PSMA-targeted immunotoxin accelerates apoptosis and regression of prostate cancer. Neoplasia. 2013;15(10):1172-1183.


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Qi J, Tian L, Chen Z, Wang L, Tao S, Gu X, Na R, Jiao Y, Kang J, Zheng S, Xu J, Sun J.Genetic variants in 2q31 and 5p15 are associated with aggressive benign prostatic hyperplasia in a Chinese population. Prostate. 2013;73(11):1182-1190.


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Ren S, Xu J, Zhou T, Jiang H, Chen H, Liu F, Na R, Zhang L, Wu Y, Sun J, Yang B, Gao X, Zheng SL, Xu C, Ding Q, Sun Y. Plateau effect of prostate cancer risk-associated SNPs in discriminating prostate biopsy outcomes. Prostate. 2013;73(16):1824-1835.


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