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John William Vaughan, PhD

Assistant Professor



University of North Carolina-Greensboro (1992)


The nervous system is faced with the daunting task of integrating the different sensory cues into a coherent representation of the external world. I, in conjunction with a number of other faculty members here at Wake Forest, study the neural mechanisms responsible for providing this integrated representation. We use a variety of techniques ranging from single cell electrophysiology in awake behaving animals, to traditional psychophysical tasks involving humans.

Selected Publications

Kadunce, D.C., J.W. Vaughan, M.T. Wallace, G.Benedek, and B.E. Stein (1997) Mechanisms of within- and  cross-modality suppression in the superior colliculus.  Journal of Neurophysiology,  78, 2834-2847.  

Stein, B.E., T.R. Stanford, J.W. Vaughan, and M.T. Wallace (1999) Multisensory integration. In:  The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, pp. 574-575.

Stein, B.E., M.T. Wallace, W. Jiang, H. Jiang, and J.W. Vaughan (1999) Cross-Modal Integration:  Bringing Coherence to the Sensory World.   Proceedings of the AVSP '99, International Conference on Auditory‑Visual Speech Processing, D.W. Massaro (ed.), pp. 23‑28.

Jiang, W., M.T. Wallace, H. Jiang, J.W. Vaughan, B.E. Stein (2001) Two cortical areas mediate multisensory integration in superior colliculus neurons.  Journal of Neurophysiology, 85, 506-522.  

Kadunce, D.C., J.W. Vaughan, M.T. Wallace, and B.E. Stein (2001) The influence of visual and auditory receptive field organization on multisensory integration in the superior colliculus. Experimental Brain Research, 139, 303-310.  

Hairston, D., M.T. Wallace, J.W. Vaughan, B.E. Stein, J.L. Norris, and J.A. Schirillo (2003) Visual localization ability influences cross-modal bias.  J. Cognitive Neurosci.15: 20-29.  

Perrault, T.P., J.W. Vaughan, B.E. Stein, and M.T. Wallace (2003) Neuron-specific response characteristics predict the magnitude of multisensory integration.  J. Neurophysiol.  90: 4022-4026.  

Stein, B.E., T.R. Stanford, M.T. Wallace, J.W. Vaughan, and W. Jiang  (2004)  Cross-modal spatial interactions in subcortical and cortical circuits.  In:  Crossmodal Space and Crossmodal Attention.”  C. Spence and J. Driver (eds.), Oxford University Press, pp. 25-50.

Perrault, T.P., J.W. Vaughan, B.E. Stein, and M.T. Wallace (2005)  Superior colliculus neurons use distinct operational modes in the integration of multisensory stimuli.  J. Neurophysiol.93: 2575-2586.  

Wallace, M.T., B. Carriere, J.W. Vaughan, and B.E. Stein (2006) The development of cortical multisensory integration.  J. Neurosci.26(46): 11844-11849.  

Alvarado, J.C., J.W. Vaughan, T.R. Stanford, and B.E. Stein (2007) Multisensory versus unisensory integration: contrasting modes in the superior colliculus.  J. Neurophysiol. 97: 3193-3205.  

Carriere, B., D. Royal, T. Perrault, P. Morrison, J.W. Vaughan, B.E. Stein, and M.T. Wallace (2007) Visual deprivation alters the development of cortical multisensory integration.  J. Neurophysiol. 98: 2858-2867.  

Alvarado, J.C., T.R. Stanford, J.W. Vaughan, and B.E. Stein (2007) Cortex mediates multisensory but not unisensory integration in superior colliculus.  J. Neurosci. 27(47): 12775-12786.  

Alvarado, J.C., T.R. Stanford, B.A. Rowland, J.W. Vaughan, and B.E. Stein  (2009)  Multisensory integration in the superior colliculus requires synergy among corticocollicular inputs.  J. Neurosci. 29(20): 6580-6592.

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