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Pepper Center Grant Activity

Project Dates by YearsGrant NumberGrant NameAward PIFunding Source
2016-2018R21 AG051077Bioenergetics and Rehabilitation in Older Adult Patients with Acute Health FailureMolina NIA 
2016-2021R01 DK103531 Epigenetics of Weight-Loss and Glycemin Improvement  Ding NIDDK 
2016-2017R21 AG051866Renal Function and Chronic Kidney Disease in Aging  Petrovic NIA
2016-2021R01AG051624Intervening on sedentary behavior to prevent weight regain in older adults  Nicklas NIA 
2015-2018U01AG050499ENabling Reduction of low-Grade Inflammation in Seniors  Kritchevsky 
2015-2017R03 AG050919 The Effects of  Aquatic Prehabilitation in Knee OA Patients on Knee Anthroplasty Outcomes Kim NIA / GEMSSTAR 
2015-201715MCPRP25680019 Understanding the Physiology of Bioenergetics and Aging Trial MolinaAMA 
2015-2018Jason Pharmaceuticals Weight Loss for Seniors Study  Beavers Jason Pharma 
2015-2020PCS-11403-145Early Supoprted Discharge for Improving Functional Outcomes After stroke DuncanPCORI
2015-2020R01AG018915Study of the Effects Caloric Restriction and Exercise Training in patients with heart failure and a normal ejection fraction (SECRET 2) KitzmanNIA
2014-2019R01 AG 045551A Trial Of Rehabilitation Therapy In Older Acute HeartFailure (REHAB HF) KitzmanNIA
2014-2018R01AG018915Exercise Intolerance in Older HFPEF Patients KitzmanNIA
2013-2018R01 AG013934Tropin T and Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Aging Skeletal Muscle DelbonoNIA
2013-2018R01 AG042411Exploring Vitamin D's Effects on NeuromusCular Endpoints Study (EVIDENCE) HoustonNIA
2013-2018K01 AG043547Cognitive/Brain Effects of Adding Weight Loss to Exercise in Obese Older Adults (INFINITE MIND) HugenshmidtNIA
2012-20172T32AG033534Training Program in Gerontological and Geriatric Medicine KritchevskyNIA
2012-20172R01 HL076441Cooperative Lifestyle Intervention Program (CLIP -II) RejeskiNHLBI
2012-2014R21 AR062284Vitamin K, Knee Osteoarthritis, and Physical Function in Older Adults KritchevskyNIAMS
2011-2016R01HL109429Prosocial Behavior and Volunteerism to Promote Physical Activity in Older Adults  (PACE) FoyNHLBI
2011-2016s/univ of PittExceptional Survival; Trajectories to Functional Aging KritchevskyNIA
2011-2016R01 AR059105Strength Training & Arthritis Trial (START) MessierNIAMS
2011-2016HHSN 271-00004CWomen's Health Initiative Memory Study New contract ShumakerNIA
2011-2015sub/U of S.CAEnvironmental Determinants of Cognitive Aging in the Women's Health Initiative Memory Studay EspelandNIA
2011-2015R01 DK092237Action for Health in Diabetes Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ancillary Study EspelandNIDDK
2011-2015R01HL107257SPRINT-HEART KitzmanNHLBI
2011-2015HHSN 2682011ACCORDION MIND - main study WilliamsonNHLBI
2011-2014R03 AR061050Invivo role of S100A4 in OA pathophysiology YammaniNIAMS
2011-2013R21 ES01720Pesticide Exposure and Age-Related Changes in Cognitive Function NguyenNIEHS
2011-2013Arthritis Foundation #5387Vitamin K Nutritional Status and Osteoarthritis Progess SheaArthritis FNDN
2011-2013N/aEpigenetic Regulation of Macrophage Polarization by Saturated Fat ShiAHA
2011-2012U01 HL080295CHS Events follow-up Study BurkeNHLBI
2011-2012K23 AG038361Minimizing Physical Function Decline in Older Adults Receiving Chemotherapy KlepinNIA
2011-2012N/AMinimizing Physical Function Decline in Older Adults Receiving Chemotherapy KlepinAmerican Federation for Aging Research
2010-2016HHSN268201100007CNew ARIC Study contract - Field Centers Wagenknecht NHLBI
2010-2016U01AG029824Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) WilliamsonNIA
2010-2015R01 DK066358Genetics of African American Type 2 Diabetes BowdenNIDDK
2010-2015K01 AG033652Cardiac Imaging of Thoracic Fat and Aortic Stiffness in older High Risk Patients BrinkleyNIA
2010-2015K01 HP20490Geriatric Academic Career Award CallahanDHHS/HRSA
2010-2015HHSN268201100004CWHI Southeast Regional Center ShumakerNHLBI
2010-2015K01 HP0050Geriatric Academis Career Award WatkinsDHHS/HRSA
2010-2014R01 HL092301Whole Genome Association Analysis of the Diabetes Heart Study BowdenNHLBI
2010-2014R01 MH083664An RCT of CBT-Telephone for Late-Life Generalized Anxiety Disorder BrenesNIMH
2010-2014R01 HL098445Longitudinal Changes in Pericardial Adiposity and Subclinical Atherosclerosis CarrNHLBI
2010-2014R01 DK085175GUARDIAN WagenknechtNIDDK
2010-2014U01 HL096814Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Neurocognitive Study (NCS) WagenknechtNHLBI
2010-2012 ASPREE clinic site DemonsNIA
2010-2012N/APicker Institute/Gold Foundation WatkinsPicker Institute
2010-2012HSN 271-00023CACCORDION MIND - MRI WilliamsonNHLBI
2009-2018RFP HC0904SPRINT Coordinating Center S.E. Network GoffNHLBI/NIA/NINDS
2009-2017RFP HC0904SPRINT MIND Memory in Decreased Hypertension WilliamsonNHLBI
2009-2015U01 AG022376Physical Exercise to Prevent Disability Study (LIFE) WFU Field Center KritchevskyNIA
2009-2015U01 AG022376LIFE Data Management, Analysis and Quality Control Center MillerNIA
2009-2015R01 CA133483Radiation -induced brain injury and cognitive dysfunction in aging rats RiddleNCI
2009-2015U01 AG022376LIFE Cognition Study WilliamsonNIA
2009-2014M01 RR007122Study of the Effects Caloric Restriction and Exercise Training in patients with heart failure and a normal ejection fraction (SECRET)  Kitzman 
2009-2014R01 AG015820Age-dependent regulation of excitation-contraction coupling DelbonoNIA
2009-2014T32 HL091824Multi disciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Imaging HundleyNHLBI
2009-2014K01 AG33641Chaperone Proteins in a Primate Model of Age-Related Metabolic Disease KavanaghNIA
2009-2014R37 AG018915Exercise intolerance in elderly diastolic heart failure KitzmanNIA
2009-2014R01 AG033087Intentional Weight Reduction and Physical and Cognitive Function - Look AHEAD ancillary study KritchevskyNIA
2009-2014R01 AG032098Genetic Determinants of Visceral Adiposity LiuNIA
2009-2014R01 HL101250Epigenome-Wide Association Study of DNA Methylation and Artherosclerosis LiuNHLBI
2009-2014U01 MH086127Prolonging Remission in Depressive Elderly (PRIDE) McCallNIMH
2009-2014R011NR011186Standardized Rehabilitation Therapy for ICU Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure  TARGETT MorrisNHLBI
2009-2014R01 HL093713Effect of Fat Loss on Functional and Cardiovascular Benefits of Aerobic Exercise NicklasNHLBI
2009-2014R01 AG020583Loss of Fat Tissue and Functional Response to Exercise in Older, Obese Adults NicklasNIA
2009-2013N01 HC95095The CARDIA Computed Tomography Reading Center CarrNHLBI
2009-2013R21 AG033385FBT-PET Study of Aging Skeletal Muscle DelbonoNIA
2009-2013R01 AG033727Estrogen, Angiotensin, and Diastolic Function GrobanNIA
2009-2013R01 AG020572Neural Signaling and Age-Related Cognitive Impairment NicolleNIA
2009-2013R01 DK084172The AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Antagonizes Inflammation Through SIRT1 ShiNIDDK
2009-2012N01 HC95159MESA SHARe BurkeNHLBI
2009-2012R03 TW008091Role of Calcium Channels in Aging Skeletal Muscle DelbonoNIA
2009-2012N/AA.D. Aware: Mentally Stimulating Activities for Treatment of Apathy in Early Stage Alzheimer's SinkAlzheimer's Association
2009-2012N/AComprehensive Program to Strengthen Physicians' Training WilliamsonDonald W. Reynolds Foundation
2008-2013R01 NS058700Genetic Epidemiology of Cerebrovascular Disease and Cognition in Diabetes BowdenNINDS
2008-2012R01 DK075681FHS Genetic Epidemiology of Metabolic Diseases of Obesity CarrNHLBI
2008-2012K01AG030506Vitamin D Status, Related Gene Polymorphisms and Physic HoustonNIA
2008-2012R41/R42 AG030248Comprehensive MR Imaging of Elderly Vascular Function HundleyNIA
2008-2012R01OH009251Occupational Injuries Among Immigrant Poultry Workers: Development and Progression QuandtNIOSH
2008-20122007-0123Hartford Foundation Center of Excellence WilliamsonHartford FDN
2007-2012N01 HC95170JHS Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Reading Center, Substudy w/Jackson State University CarrNHLBI
2007-2012R01 HL085571Predictors of Coronary Artery Calcification in an African American Cohort Subcontract w/University of Michigan, WFUHS Site PI CarrNHLBI
2007-2012R01 DA023573Neural Analysis of Cocaine Effects on Cognition DeadwylerNIDA
2007-2012R01 AG013934Single skeletal muscle fiber impairment with aging DelbonoNIA
2007-2012R01 AR049003Integrin Function in Cartilage LoeserNIAMS
2007-2012R01 NR009675Phase III Study of Donepezil in the Irradiated Brain RappNINR
2007-2012R01 HL087103Depression and Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis in Premenopausal Primates ShivelyNHLBI
2007-2012U01 AG010483Multi-Center Trial to Evaluate Home-Based Assesment Methods SinkNIA
2006-2014R18 DK069901Translating Research into the Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus (TRIP) GoffNIDDK
2006-2013R01 AG027847Role of the Follicle-Depleted Ovary in the Pathogenesis of Chronic Diseases ApptNIA
2006-2012R01 AR052528Intensive Dietary Restriction and Exercise in Arthritis (IDEA) MessierNIAMS
2004-2015R01 HL077612Endothelial Dysfunction, Biomarkers and Lung function (MESA-Lung Substudy with Columbia Univ., Site PI CarrNHLBI
2003-2012N01 HC95178ACCORD MIND CC WilliamsonNHLBI
1999-2015N01 HC95165Multi Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis - Field Center BurkeNHLBI
1999-2013U01 DK57136Look AHEAD: Action for Health in Diabetes Data Coordinating Center EspelandNIA

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