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Schweitzer Fellowship

2013-2014 Schweitzer Fellows

Corey Bradley John Luttrell 

Corey Bradley and John Luttrell

Academic Mentor: Dr. Guy Palmes
Site Mentor: Mary Bolton
Site: El Buen Pastor Latino Community Center

Corey and John addressed the physical and mental health disparities that face Latino middle school and high school youth by conducting weekly wellness workshops throughout the academic year. As a measure of impact, 18 out of 20 participants adopted two or more healthy behaviors, which exceeded the Fellows’ original goal. Of the 20 participants in the yearlong program: 19 participated in physical activity four or more times per week for 30 minutes at a time, and 18 out of 20 reported eliminating drug, alcohol and cigarette use. Only eight out of the 20 were able to choose a healthy snack over an unhealthy one on a daily basis because their access to healthy options were limited, making this a difficult option to achieve. The Fellows also wanted participants to improve their total score on the Pediatrics Symptoms Checklist Youth Report by at least 7 points, but the data was inconclusive, therefore the Fellows were unable to use this as a measure.

Corey and John will continue to lead the program next year with the help of Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Latino Medical Student Association. The interest group will create leadership roles within the organization to sustain the project for years to come. The project will evolve into a mentoring program that pairs medical students with the El Buen Pastor youth. Each youth will create three health goals that they will work with the medical student to achieve throughout the year.

“Being a Schweitzer Fellow has improved my own well-being and allowed me to prioritize the welfare of others as both a form of self-care and of service. Without exaggeration, I think that the Schweitzer Fellowship is a salvation for the Fellows that have the privilege to participate…Our fellowship kept me grounded and reminded me of why I am in medicine.”

“The Schweitzer program has, of course, been instrumental in empowering Corey and me to achieve our goals by shaping those goals to be concrete behavior changes, and connecting us with a network of other fellows from whom we can seek advice.”


Joseph McAbee Alston James 

Joseph McAbee and Alston James

Academic Mentors: Dr. Joseph Skelton and Dr. Patrick Ober
Site Mentor: Dr. Joseph Skelton
Site: Brenner FIT 

Alston and Joseph developed StronGuys, a mentored strength training and wellness program for obese or overweight teenage boys. The Fellows partnered with Brenner FIT to hold the sessions for boys twice a week for six-week sessions and for youth at Valley Academy Middle School. The Fellows demonstrated the importance of exercise, nutrition and decreasing screen time to enhancing overall health. Participants set individual health goals and practiced proper exercise techniques and exercise regimens that can be done anywhere with little equipment. A total of 111 adolescents participated in the program. They met nutritional and physical activity goals (exercising three times per week for 30 minutes) on average for four weeks of the six-week session. In addition, they decreased their screen time by 1.3 hours per day and met a self-identified nutrition goal. Surveys indicated 88 out of the 111 participants felt confident that they can continue to find ways to be physically active and exercise, be physically active or exercise even if they have no access to a gym or training facility, and set aside time for a physical activity program such as walking, jogging, swimming, biking or other continuous activities for at least 30 minutes, three times per week.

A local chapter of a Wake Forest University fraternity will sustain the StronGuys program in the coming year. Several volunteers from the fraternity have been trained through Brenner FIT to lead the sessions. The Fellows will provide an operations manual to be used by the fraternity for the fall session and to serve as a community resource for organizations interested in providing strength training and healthy lifestyle education for obese or overweight youth in their area.

“Serving as a North Carolina Albert Schweitzer Fellow has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my medical school career. I want to continue to live out Dr. Schweitzer’s reverence for life by the way I serve my patients, their families and their communities. I am so humbled to now be considered a Schweitzer Fellow for life. I will endeavor to make the Schweitzer Fellowship proud of my future service work, but more importantly, I will endeavor to make a difference each and every day.”

“This past year has given me many lessons in that process that will hopefully make me a better physician in my future career. It is confirmed for me that community service is where my heart is.”



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