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Functional Genomics and Physiology Faculty

Studies in this area explore the contribution of specific genes to both physiologic and pathophysiologic processes.  A major focus is on the experimental manipulation of genes and gene expression in animal models and cell-based systems and analyses of phenotypic consequences. 

Peter Antinozzi  Functional mapping of disease-susceptibility loci with emphasis on diabetes; cell-based functional assessment of disease-associated allelic variants; metabolism-secretion coupling in pancreatic beta-cells. Faculty Profile & PublicationsLab Page

Paul Dawson Regulation and genetics of hepatic and intestinal cholesterol and bile acid metabolism. Faculty Profile & Publications

Ashok Hegde Molecular biological, electrophysiological, and behavioral approaches to study questions on long-term memory. 

Doug Lyles Virus assembly; molecular pathogenesis of virus infection. Faculty Profile & Publications / Lab Page

Charles McCall Neutrophil biology and biochemistry; inflammation of lung; signal transduction; phospholipid metabolism; expression of IL-1, TNFa and cyclooxygenase genes in phagocytes. Faculty Profile & Publications

Lance Miller  Transcriptional and genomic alterations of the "oncogenome" that drive tumorigenesis and predict patient outcomes. Faculty Profile & Publications / Lab Page

Carol Milligan Neuronal development, degeneration, and plasticity after injury: identification and characterization of differentially expressed genes in motoneuron cell death. Faculty Profile & Publications

Barbara Nicklas  Research focuses on understanding the metabolic and hormonal adaptations to exercise and dietary interventions in older individuals, and the role of genetics in determining these adaptations. Faculty Profile & Publications  

Ron Oppenheim Developmental neurobiology; programmed cell death; growth factors and neurotrophic molecules. Faculty Profile & Publications

David Ornelles Molecular virology of adenovirus; the oncolytic and oncogenic potential of human adenovirus. Faculty Profile & Publications / Lab Page

John Parks Structure-function relationships of lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase and high-density lipoproteins. Faculty Profile & Publications / Current Research

Tom Register Modulation of the expression of cytokines and connective tissue genes during early atherogenesis. Faculty Profile & Publications

Mary Sorci-Thomas Regulation of apolipoprotein gene expression; structure-function relationships of apoprotein A-I. Current Research

Ann Tallant  Signal transduction; regulation of growth; hypertension; cancer treatment/prevention. Faculty Profile & PublicationsMolecular and Cell Biology Core Lab / Hypertension Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory

Richard Weinberg Structure and function of human apolipoprotein A-IV (apo A-IV), an intestinal protein synthesized during lipid absorption and incorporated into the surface of nascent chylomicrons. Faculty Profile & Publications

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