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Bryan Cox, MS

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Master of Science Degree

Year Matriculated: 

Email address:

M.S., Molecular Medicine and Translational Science Graduate Program, 2014
Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Clemson University; BS Biological Sciences

Advisor: Waldemar Debinski, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Interests: Molecular Targeting of Glioblastoma. Brain tumor biology. Tumor microenvironment. Macrophage biology. Regenerative Medicine.  

Peer Reviewed Publications: 
Presnell SC, Bruce AT, Wallace SM, Choudhury S, Genheimer CW, Cox B, Guthrie KI, Werdin ES, Tatsumi-Ficht P, Ilagan R, Kelley RW, Rivera EA, Ludlow JW, Wagner BJ, Jayo MJ, and Bertram TA. (2010). Isolation, characterization, and expansion (ICE) methods for defined primary renal cell populations from rodent, canine, and human normal and diseased kidneys. Tissue Eng Part C Methods (Epub 2010 Sep 16; PMID:20846053).
Kelley R, Werdin ES, Bruce AT, Choudhury S, Wallace SM, Ilagan RM, Cox BR, Tatsumi-Ficht P, Rivera EA, Spencer T, Rapoport HS, Wagner BJ, Guthrie K, Jayo MJ, Bertram TA, and Presnell SC. (2010). A tubular cell-enriched subpopulation of primary renal cells improves survival and augments kidney function in a rodent model of chronic kidney disease. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (Epub 2010 Sep 8; PMID:20826573).
Meeting Abstracts (Presenter):
Ilagan RM, Guthrie KI, Cox BR, Choudhury S, Bruce AT, Watts B, Wallace SM, Delo O’Reilly D, Tang C, Genheimer C, Werdin ES, Kelley RW, and Presnell SC. (2010). Secreted factors from bioactive kidney cells attenuate NFkB signaling pathways: implications for a paracrine mechanism of immune regulation and regenerative outcomes. Poster presentation at the 12th Annual Conference of the North Carolina Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society, Durham, NC, November 12, 2010.
Meeting Abstracts (Non-Presenter): 
Kelley R., Spencer T., Werdin E., Bruce A., Ilagan R., Wallace S., Watts B., Choudhury S., Cox B., Guthrie K., Jayo M., Bertram T., Presnell S. (2011). Intra-renal Transplantation of Bioactive Renal Cells Preserves Renal Functions and Extends Survival in the ZSF1 model of Progressive Diabetic Nephropathy. Poster presentation at 71st Scientific Sessions of American Diabetes Association, June 24 – 27, 2011 in San Diego, CA.
Bruce A., Watts B., Cox B., Genheimer C., Werdin E., Guthrie K., Ilagan R., Kelley R., Presnell S., Wallace S., Choudhury S. (April 2011).Hypoxic Exposure of Cultured Human Renal Cells Induces Mediators of Cell Migration and Attachment and Facilitates the Repair of Tubular Cell Monolayers in vitro. Podium presentation given at Experimental Biology Meeting in Washington, DC, April 10, 2011.
Choudhury S, Bruce AT, Kelley RW, Cox BR, Werdin ES, Watts B, Presnell SC, and Ilagan RM.  (2010). Paracrine factors derived from bioactive kidney cells provide anti-fibrotic signals in vitro, and may mediate regenerative outcomes in vivo. Poster presentation at Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society – North America Annual Conference and Exposition, Orlando, FL, December 5-8, 2010.
Ilagan RM, Choudhury S, Bruce AT, Basu J, Guthrie KI, Cox BR, Genheimer CW, Kelley RW, Ludlow JW, and Presnell SC. (2010). Exosomes derived from primary renal cells contain microRNAs that can potentially drive therapeutically-relevant outcomes in models of chronic kidney disease. Poster presentation at American Society of Nephrology 43rd Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, November 16-21, 2010.
Wallace S.M., Bruce A.T., Choudhury S., Tatsumi-Ficht P., Cox B.R., Wagner B.J., Kelley R., Presnell S.C. (2010). Quantitative Ex Vivo Characterization Of Human Renal Cell Population Dynamics Via High-Content Image-Based Analysis (HCA). Podium presentation at 16th Annual Meeting of The International Society For Cellular Therapy, Philadelphia, PA May 23-26, 2010.

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