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James A. MacKenzie, PhD

 Professor of Biological Sciences
Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
State University of New York at Oswego
Oswego, NY



Ph.D., Molecular Medicine and Translational Science Graduate Program, May 2004
Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Western Carolina University, M.S., 1999
State University of New York at Fredonia, B.S., 1996

Research Interests:

Protein trafficking to mitochondria, environmental toxicants and cardiovascular reactivity in children.


MacKenzie, J.A. and Payne, R.M. (2007) Mitochondrial Protein Import and Human Health and Disease. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1772(5):509-523.

MacKenzie, J.A. and Payne, R.M. (2006) Preparation of Ribosomes Loaded with Truncated Nascent Proteins to Study Ribosome Binding to Mammalian Mitochondria. Mitochondrion, 6(2):67.

MacKenzie, J.A. and Payne, R.M. (2004) Ribosomes Specifically Bind to Mammalian Mitochondria via Protease-sensitive Proteins on the Outer Membrane. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(11):9803.

Del Gaizo, V.B., MacKenzie, J.A., and Payne, R.M. (2003) Targeting Proteins to Mitochondria Using TAT. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 80(1-2):170.

Brunson, J.T., Engel, R.A., MacKenzie J.A., A. P. Nelson, Oaks, E. C., Ouellette, A.J.A., and Bio-Rad Laboratories. 2005-2007. Lab Manual for Biology 213. Ouellette, A.J.A. (editor). SUNY Oswego (published by the college bookstore for Oswego students). 

Abstracts: (*Undergraduate or **Graduate Research Student)

Birdsall R.**, Bendinskas, K., and MacKenzie, J.A. (April 21, 2007) Comparative Analysis of Preparation Techniques for Proteomic Research. Presented at the Northeast Regional Undergraduate and Graduate Student Sigma Xi Poster Conference. (Poster Presentation, presented by R. Birdsall).

Sattelberg, P.*, MacKenzie, J.A., and Bendinskas, K. (November 4, 2006) Purification of Succinic Semialdehyde Reductase. Presented at the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference, Detroit, MI. (Poster Presentation, presented by P. Sattelberg).

Bendinskas, K., Chepko-Sade, B.D., and MacKenzie, J.A. (September 29, 2006) Learning by Doing: Chemistry-Biology Research as a Merck-AAAS Scholar. Presented at the Second Annual Oswego Symposium on Learning and Teaching, Oswego, NY. (Poster Presentation)

MacKenzie, J.A. and Payne, R.M. (April 5, 2006) Ribosome-Nascent Chain and Mitochondria Preparation to Study Ribosome-Mitochondria Interactions. Presented at Experimental Biology 2006, San Francisco, CA (Poster Presentation).

Payne, R.M. and MacKenzie J.A. (May 6, 2002) Evidence of a Novel Receptor Mediating Ribosome Binding to Mitochondria. Presented at 2002 Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD. (Poster Presentation, presented by R.M. Payne) Pediatric Research 51(4):36A.

MacKenzie, J.A. and Payne, R.M. (April 22, 2002) Evidence of a Ribosome Receptor in Mammalian Mitochondria. Presented at Experimental Biology 2002, New Orleans, LA. (Poster Presentation) FASEB J. 16(4):A163.

MacKenzie, J.A. and Payne, R.M. (March 31 and April 2, 2001) A Novel Mechanism for Protein Targeting to Mammalian Mitochondria. Presented at Experimental Biology 2001, Orlando, FL. (Oral and Poster Presentation) FASEB J. 15(5):A881.

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Molecular Medicine and Translational Science Graduate Program

Office 336-713-4259

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