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Oona L. O'Neill, MD

Pregnancy and Child Birth

Episode 11  | 8/12/2019

Dr. Oona O’Neill stops by to discuss the opening of the new Birth Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. She also talks about the importance of well checks and caring for mom throughout the entire pregnancy journey, from the three trimesters to childbirth to post-partum wellness.

Best Health Podcast Health Vacation Eating

Back-To-School Sports Medicine

Episode 10  | 8/2/2019

Christopher Ina, Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Manager of Athletic Training talks with us about sports medicine and ways to get your kids geared up for school sports.

Best Health Podcast Health Vacation Eating

Summer Eating: Healthy Options

Episode 9  | 7/5/2019

With summertime comes vacations, holidays, the beach, family reunions and more. Registered Dietitians Jane Anderson and Katie Ward discuss some realistic healthy options during the summer and maintaining a good balance of nutrition while still enjoying fun in the sun.

Summer Safety with Luly Beckles

Summer Safety with Luly Beckles

Episode 8  | 6/20/2019

Luly Beckles, the Pediatric Injury Prevention Coordinator with Brenner Children’s Hospital talks with us about keeping our children safe during the summer months with outdoor activities, travel and swimming.

Alisa L. Starbuck, NP

New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Project

Episode 7  | 6/7/2019

Lisa Marshall, Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer, and Dr. Alisa Starbuck, President of Brenner Children’s Hospital, discuss the new NICU project. When complete, this new NICU will feature 51 private suites to serve our smallest patients.
Christopher Tuohy, MD


Episode 6  | 5/13/2019

Dr. Christopher Tuohy an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Wake Forest Baptist Health with specialty areas including shoulder and elbow surgery and nerve and tendon repair discusses common injuries in adults.

Rayetta johnson, RN


Episode 5  | 4/23/2019

Stroke is a medical emergency. Prompt treatment is crucial. Early action can minimize brain damage and disability. TIME is BRAIN, Every Minute Counts! Rayetta Johnson, RN joins BestHealth for the May podcast. 

Brian Waterman, MD


Episode 4  | 4/1/019

Dr. Brian Waterman joins BestHealth for the April podcast. Dr. Waterman, Associate Professor for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery talks about the start of baseball season, common sports medicine injuries and joint health.

Stacy Wentworth, MD


Episode 3  | 2/5/2019

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. When it comes to certain cancers, like colorectal cancer, prevention is very important. Listen to BestHealth's podcast featuring Wake Forest Baptist Health's radiation oncologist, Dr. Stacy Wentworth as she discusses cancer prevention and life after cancer.

Dr. Katie Marie Twomley

Heart Health

Episode 2  | 2/4/2019 

February is American Heart Month. There's no better time to think about what you can do to keep your heart healthy. Listen to Wake Forest Baptist Health's cardiologist, Dr. Katie Twomley as she discusses ways to have a healthy heart.
Jamy Ard, MD

Weight Management

Episode 1  | 1/15/2019 

Listen to BestHealth's first podcast of 2019 as Dr. Jamy Ard discusses different ways to combat weight management and ways to have a healthier lifestyle.