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November 16, 2011




CIM Members ~ Awards and Media




WFBH CIM Request for Pilot Study Proposals's mission is to become a national leader promoting holistic, integrative health care through outstanding education, research, clinical care, and empowerment of individuals and communities.  This RFP is for WFBH investigator-initiated human studies in integrative medicine including botanical and natural products, vitamins and dietary supplements, mind/body therapies, acupuncture, massage, healing touch, energy medicine, and/or healthy lifestyle promotion.


CIM Request for Pilot Study Proposal 
Submission Requirements


Application Deadline:
November 18, 2011 - 12:00 Noon


CIM Membership Applications




Stress and Relaxation 16 ~ 12:00 - 1:00 PM 

  WFBH faculty and staff are invited  
  to attend the WFBH Administrative
  Professionals Lunch and Learn session
  on Stress and Relaxation presented by
  Suzanne Danhauer, PhD.


            Brenner Children's Hospital
       11th Floor, Conference Room #2
            No registration required, 
                                                        bring your own lunch.




FREE Webinar on Spiritual Medicine  Spiritual Medicine with
Dr. Molly Roberts


November 19 ~
2:00 - 3:00 PM EST


Connectedness is the heart of Spiritual Medicine. In this talk, doctors and health practitioners will obtain guidance on how to broach the subject of the psycho-spiritual components to their patients' health and well-being. 




Integrative Medicine Seminar Series               WFBH and Natural Triad are
                   proud to announce the 
      2011 - 2012 Natural Triad/Wake Forest
       Integrative Medicine Seminar Series

Next Seminar: 
December 6, 2011  ~  12:00 PM   

Jillian Sarno Teta, ND of the Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina will present: Complementary Approaches to Women's Health and Common Clinical Conditions.


The seminar series is FREE, and open to the public.  You do not need to register to attend, and lunch is provided.Location: Piedmont Plaza One, Kitty Hawk Room, 1920 W. First St. Winston-Salem, NC.  View the 2011 - 2012 Seminar Schedule for more information.




WFBH Healing Touch Services and Training is the first hospital in the region to provide Healing Touch for patients, families, and staff.  Healing Touch is recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a biofield therapy, and is a simple, non-invasive technique which uses the human hand to provide comfort and promote healing.   As an energy-based approach to health and healing, hospitals, hospices, nursing units and long term care facilities are utilizing this therapy throughout the United States to help promote healing, reduce pain, and bring a sense of calm and well being.  To learn more, view the Introduction to Healing Touch video, or visit the CIM website.




WFBH Healing Touch Training


Level 1   (2011 Dates):  Dec 10-11

              (2012 Dates):  Feb 11-12, May 19-20, Aug 25-26, Nov 3-4

Level 2  (2011 Dates):  Nov 19-20

              (2012 Dates):  Mar 24-25, June 30-July 1, Sept 8-9, Dec 1-2

Level 3  (2012 Dates):  Apr 28-29, July 14-15, Oct 20-21


WFBH Healing Touch training is open to WFBH faculty, staff, medical students, and the general public. The courses will be held in the WFBH Sticht Center Auditorium.  Registration and tuition are required.  For information, contact Deborah Larrimore, RN, LMBT, CHTI at (336) 713-8208 or




Research for People with Parkinson's you think you can't dance?  Discover your hidden talents in this class designed to improve balance and mobility!

This new research study "Effect of improvisational dance on balance and mobility in adults with early-to-middle stage Parkinson disease" will be held in Winston-Salem, NC.  For information, view the study flyer, or contact Glenna Batson, PT at (919) 619-0008 or  To see the benefits of dance for people with Parkinson's, go to




NCCAM High Priority Topics for Preliminary Clinical Studies for Large Interventional Trials of CAM

Priority areas including probiotics, botanicals, natural products, mind and body interventions, and complex complementary or integrative medicine approaches that have a strong justification for the need for larger clinical trials to study their impact on health behaviors will be considered for clinical NCCAM studies.   Learn more!

NCCAM Clinical Digest recent articles include:  


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Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) was established to coordinate and enhance the activities of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the area of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). 


OCCAM provides useful resources on cancer and CAM for Patients, and Health Professionals seeking information about CAM Therapies, and Research Results.  Recent OCCAM website articles include:





Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) Update mission of ODS

is to strengthen knowledge and understanding of dietary supplements by evaluating scientific information, stimulating and supporting research, disseminating research results, and educating the public to foster an enhanced quality of life and health for the U.S. population.  Recent features include:




Dietary Supplements Classification System new review by on SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) supplements indicates that It relieves symptoms of osteoarthritis and may help with depression, but which SAMe supplements are best? found that only 7 out of 10 SAMe supplements selected for review passed quality testing.  No SAMe was found in one supplement, and another provided only 75% of its listed amount of the ingredient.  Learn more.




Dietary Supplements Classification System Dietary Supplement Classification Table was developed by the Human Performance Resource Center - Department of Defense initiative to assist healthy military personnel in making informed decisions about supplements.   Before using any dietary supplement, a war fighter or anyone-should ask:  "What are the potential benefits?" and "What are the risks associated?" And finally, "Are the potential benefits worth the risks?"   Learn more!




Education and Training Opportunities Institute for Functional Medicine offers an on-line Functional Nutrition Series to provide valuable tools to help evaluate, intervene, and provide the necessary guidance for patients to develop a healthier approach to diet and lifestyle.

Duke Integrative Medicine Professional Trainings 
now available on Facebook

The Integrative Practitioner Update features the most recent developments in Integrative healthcare policy, research, education, and news.  Recent articles include:





Articles of Interest

Diet and Exercise


Herbs and Supplements




Medscape  You MUST create your own FREE    
              Medscape login to access articles.




Diet and Exercise

Herbs and Supplements




WFBH CIM Library ~ New Additions CIM Library has 1,000+ integrative medicine books, CD's, DVD's, and videos available for CIM Members.  New additions include:


  • Dimensions in Holistic Healing: New Frontiers in the Treatment of the Whole Person by Herbert Otto, PhD and James Knight, MD.
  • House Calls: How we can all heal the world one visit at a time by Patch Adams, MD.
  • Gesundheit! Bringing good health to you, the medical system, and society through physician service, complementary therapies, humor, and joy by Patch Adams MD and Maureen Mylander.
  • The Best in the World I:  Healthful Recipes from Exclusive and Out-of-the-Way Restaurants.  Edited by Neal D. Barnard, MD.
  • The Best in the World II:  Healthful Recipes from Exclusive and Out-of-the-Way Restaurants.  Edited by Neal D. Barnard, MD.
  • Health Journeys DVDs:
    • Meditations to Relieve Stress
    • A Meditation to Help Ease Pain
    • A Meditation to Help You with Chemotherapy
    • A Guided Meditation to help with Caregiver Stress
  • Hemi Sync DVDs:
    • Baroque Garden for Concentration
    • Catnapper
    • De-Hab
    • Deep 10 Relaxation
    • Eat/No Eat
    • Let-Go Pain Management
    • Remembrance
    • Sleeping Through the Rain

Contact CIM for library loan information.




Integrative Medicine Calendar of Events


Visit the CIM Calendar of Events for a complete listing of local, national and international integrative medicine related events!





You Can Make a Difference with a Tax Deductible Donation to CIM! Center for Integrative Medicine is able to offer integrative medicine clinical services, education, and research in our community thanks to the support of generous individual donors like you!


We welcome all types of donations, whether it is a one-time gift, a monthly donation, or resources for our Library (books, CDís/DVD's, videos).  Making a donation is easy as 1-2-3!

Option 1Make an On-Line Gift - See our website for

                   step-by-step directions.
Option 2 - Mail a Gift to the Center for Integrative Medicine: 
                   2060 Cloverdale Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27157 

Option 3 - Call the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
                   at (336) 716-4589 or visit their website.




In Closing ... you would like us to help promote your integrative medicine related information or events, email

or send a fax to (336) 713-3849.


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