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Cultural Competency

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Please answer the following questions about the program content.

1. Cultural competency is defined as:


2. Cultural relativity is defined as:


3. The three steps in Kleinman's Explanatory Model are:


4. Case Example

Dr Lucy Hsiao smiled when she looked at her calendar and was that Mrs. Omaid, a 45-year-old Afghani woman, was her next appointment. Today had been one tough problem after another, and the doctor was close to total exhaustion. Now, however, she felt more energetic as she asked Mrs. Omaid and her son to come in and sit down.

"We have all the test results back, Mrs. Omaid," Dr. Hsiao beamed. "The problem is minor, just a persistent infection. We can clear up your discomfort in a couple of days with these pills I am prescribing." Please go down to the pharmacy with this paper and they will give you the medicine. All you have to do is to take one pill every six hours until they are all used up. In two weeks, you will be feeling wonderful. Just be sure to take all the pills, even if you feel you don't need them any more. Okay?

Mrs. Omaid began to weep. Her son rose from his chair and strode angrily over to Dr. Hsiao, shouting, "My mother never did any harm. She always praised you and recommended you to our relatives and neighbors. How could you curse her like this?" Dr. Hsiao did not understand what had gone wrong. Can you explain it to her?

Which of the following is the best explanation?



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