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Anthony J. Atala, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

Doctor Rating

4.5 out of 5

44 Ratings

Anthony J. Atala, M.D.


Clinical Interests

Urology, Adolescent Urology, Microsurgery, Pediatric Urology, Reconstructive Urology

Contact Information

Returning Patient Appointments: 336-716-4131
Department: 336-716-4131

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Education & Training

  • B.A., University of Miami, 1984
  • M.D., University of Louisville School of Medicine, 1985
  • Internship, U Louisville Affil Hosps, 1986
  • Residency, U Louisville Affil Hosps, 1990
  • Fellowship, Harvard Medical School, 1991
  • Fellowship, Harvard Medical School, 1992

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Urology, Pediatric Urology
  • American Board of Urology, Urology


  • Soc Of Genitourinary Reconstru
  • Institute of Medicine
  • American Association of Genito
  • Am Coll Of Surgeons

NPI Number

  • 1235111832
Anthony J. Atala, M.D.

Doctor Rating

4.5 out of 5

44 Ratings

Anthony J. Atala, M.D.

Chair, Urology
Director, Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Professor, Urology
Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Office of Women in Medicine and Science
Center on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism
Physiology & Pharmacology

Research Interests

Tissue Engineering; Regenerative Medicine; Prostatic Neoplasms; Stem Cell Transplantation; Stem Cells
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Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-5701 | Department: 336-716-4131

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Recent Publications

Ibuprofen loaded PLA nanofibrous scaffolds increase proliferation of human skin cells in vitro and promote healing of full thickness incision wounds in vivo. Mohiti-Asli M, Saha S, Murphy SV, Gracz H, Pourdeyhimi B, Atala A, Loboa EG.. J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2017;105(2):327-339.

The potential role of tissue-engineered urethral substitution: clinical and preclinical studies. Atala A, Danilevskiy M, Lyundup A, Glybochko P, Butnaru D, Vinarov A, Yoo JJ.. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2017;11(1):3-19.

Microencapsulation of porcine thyroid cell organoids within a polymer microcapsule construct. Yang Y, Opara EC, Liu Y, Atala A, Zhao W.. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2017;242(3):286-296.

Tissue engineering: toward a new era of medicine. Shafiee A, Atala A.. Annu Rev Med. 2017;68():29-40.

3D bioprinting of urethra with PCL/PLCL blend and dual autologous cells in fibrin hydrogel: an in vitro evaluation of biomimetic mechanical property and cell growth environment. Zhang K, Fu Q, Yoo J, Chen X, Chandra P, Mo X, Song L, Atala A, Zhao W.. Acta Biomater. 2017;50():154-164.

Urological tissue cultures [commentary]. Atala A.. J Urol. 2017;197(2 Suppl):S15-S16.

Editorial: future directions for stem cell banking and therapy. McAllister T, Atala A.. Curr Stem Cell Res Ther. 2017;12(1):2.

Acellular urethra bioscaffold: decellularization of whole urethras for tissue engineering applications. Simoes IN, Vale P, Soker S, Atala A, Keller D, Noiva R, Carvalho S, Peleteiro C, Cabral JM, Eberli D, da Silva CL, Baptista PM.. Sci Rep. 2017;7():41934.

Multisensor-integrated organs-on-chips platform for automated and continual in situ monitoring of organoid behaviors. Zhang YS, Aleman J, Shin SR, Kilic T, Kim D, Mousavi Shaegh SA, Massa S, Riahi R, Chae S, Hu N, Avci H, Zhang W, Silvestri A, Sanati Nezhad A, Manbohi A, De Ferrari F, Polini A, Calzone G, Shaikh N, Alerasool P, Budina E, Kang J, Bhise N, Ribas J,.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017;114(12):E2293-2302.

Multilayer scaffolds in orthopaedic tissue engineering. Atesok K, Doral MN, Karlsson J, Egol KA, Jazrawi LM, Coelho PG, Martinez A, Matsumoto T, Owens BD, Ochi M, Hurwitz SR, Atala A, Fu FH, Lu HH, Rodeo SA.. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2016;24(7):2365-2373.

Comparative study of different seeding methods based on a multilayer SIS scaffold: which is the optimal procedure for urethral tissue engineering?. Lv XG, Feng C, Fu Q, Xie H, Wang Y, Huang JW, Xie MK, Atala A, Xu YM, Zhao WX.. J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2016;104(6):1098-1108.

Kidney diseases and tissue engineering. Moon KH, Ko IK, Yoo JJ, Atala A.. Methods. 2016;99():112-119.

The hematopoietic system in the context of regenerative medicine. Porada CD, Atala AJ, Almeida-Porada G.. Methods. 2016;99():44-61.

Developing induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy for the masses. Rao MS, Atala A.. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2016;5(2):129-131.

Repopulation of porcine kidney scaffold using porcine primary renal cells. Abolbashari M, Agcaoili SM, Lee MK, Ko IK, Aboushwareb T, Jackson JD, Yoo JJ, Atala A.. Acta Biomater. 2016;29():52-61.

Combination of small RNAs for skeletal muscle regeneration. Kim N, Yoo JJ, Atala A, Lee SJ.. FASEB J. 2016;30(3):1198-1206.

Use of trimetasphere metallofullerene MRI contrast agent for the non-invasive longitudinal tracking of stem cells in the lung. Murphy SV, Hale A, Reid T, Olson J, Kidiyoor A, Tan J, Zhou Z, Jackson J, Atala A.. Methods. 2016;99():99-111.

Fluid flow regulation of revascularization and cellular organization in a bioengineered liver platform. Baptista PM, Moran EC, Vyas D, Ribeiro MH, Atala A, Sparks J, Soker S.. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2016;22(3):199-207.

Fabrication of biomimetic vascular scaffolds for 3D tissue constructs using vascular corrosion casts. Huling J, Ko IK, Atala A, Yoo JJ.. Acta Biomater. 2016;32():190-197.

The GAO report: funding, challenges, and solutions for regenerative medicine [editorial]. Hunsberger J, Atala A.. Curr Stem Cell Res Ther. 2016;11(1):1.

A 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity. Kang HW, Lee SJ, Ko IK, Kengla C, Yoo JJ, Atala A.. Nat Biotechnol. 2016;34(3):312-319.

Printing technologies for medical applications. Shafiee A, Atala A.. Trends Mol Med. 2016;22(3):254-265.

A reductionist metastasis-on-a-chip platform for in vitro tumor progression modeling and drug screening. Skardal A, Devarasetty M, Forsythe S, Atala A, Soker S.. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2016;113(9):2020-2032.

Stem cell therapy for treatment of stress urinary incontinence: the current status and challenges. Zhou S, Zhang K, Atala A, Khoury O, Murphy SV, Zhao W, Fu Q.. Stem Cells Int. 2016;2016():7060975.

Atlas Regeneration Company, Inc. Makarev E, Isayev O, Atala A.. Regen Med. 2016;11(2):141-143.

Elastomeric free-form blood vessels for interconnecting organs on chip systems. Zhang W, Zhang YS, Bakht SM, Aleman J, Shin SR, Yue K, Sica M, Ribas J, Duchamp M, Ju J, Sadeghian RB, Kim D, Dokmeci MR, Atala A, Khademhosseini A.. Lab Chip. 2016;16(9):1579-1586.

Experimental testicular tissue banking to generate spermatogenesis in the future: a multidisciplinary team approach. Sadri-Ardekani H, McLean TW, Kogan S, Sirintrapun J, Crowell K, Yousif MQ, Hodges SJ, Petty J, Pranikoff T, Sieren L, Zeller K, Atala A.. Methods. 2016;99():120-127.

In utero stem cell transplantation and gene therapy: rationale, history, and recent advances toward clinical application. Almeida-Porada G, Atala A, Porada CD.. Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev. 2016;5():16020.

A liver-on-a-chip platform with bioprinted hepatic spheroids. Bhise NS, Manoharan V, Massa S, Tamayol A, Ghaderi M, Miscuglio M, Lang Q, Shrike Zhang Y, Shin SR, Calzone G, Annabi N, Shupe TD, Bishop CE, Atala A, Dokmeci MR, Khademhosseini A.. Biofabrication. 2016;8(1):014101.

Regenerative medicine [editorial]. Sadri-Ardekani H, Atala A.. Methods. 2016;99():1-2.

Bioprinting cellularized constructs using a tissue-specific hydrogel bioink [video article]. Skardal A, Devarasetty M, Kang HW, Seol YJ, Forsythe SD, Bishop C, Shupe T, Soker S, Atala A.. J Vis Exp. 2016;(110):e53606.

Lung-on-a-chip technologies for disease modeling and drug development. Konar D, Devarasetty M, Yildiz DV, Atala A, Murphy SV.. Biomed Eng Comput Biol. 2016;7(Suppl 1):17-27.

In vitro spermatogenesis: how far from clinical application?. Galdon G, Atala A, Sadri-Ardekani H.. Curr Urol Rep. 2016;17(7):49.

Production of tissue engineered heart valves. Atala A, Yoo J, inventors; Wake Forest University Health Sciences, assignee.. European patent office EP 1863546. 2015 Oct 7; United States patent 9,248,015. 2016 Feb 2. 2016;():.

Oxygen-generating compositions for enhancing cell and tissue survival in vivo. Harrison B, Yoo J, Atala A, inventors; Wake Forest University Health Sciences, assignee.. European patent office EP 2155235. 2016 Apr 6; Japan patent JP2 5926758. 2016 Apr 28. 2016;():.

Tissue engineered blood vessels. Atala A, Soker S, Yoo J, inventors; Wake Forest University Health Sciences, assignee.. European patent office EP 1863547. 2016 May 11. 2016;():.

Regeneration of pancreatic islets by amniotic fluid stem cell therapy. Atala A, Milanesi A, Soker S, inventors; Wake Forest University Health Sciences, assignee.. European patent office EP 1833494. 2016 May 18. 2016;():.

Inkjet printing of tissues and cells. Xu T, Yoo J, Atala A, inventors; Wake Forest University Health Sciences, assignee.. United States patent US 9,301,925. 2016 Apr 5. 2016;():.

Boosting hematopoietic engraftment after in utero transplantation through vascular niche manipulation. Mokhtari S, Colletti EJ, Atala A, Zanjani ED, Porada CD, Almeida-Porada G.. Stem Cell Reports. 2016;6(6):957-969.

Common pathway signature in lung and liver fibrosis. Makarev E, Izumchenko E, Aihara F, Wysocki PT, Zhu Q, Buzdin A, Sidransky D, Zhavoronkov A, Atala A.. Cell Cycle. 2016;15(13):1667-1673.

A tunable hydrogel system for long-term release of cell-secreted cytokines and bioprinted in situ wound cell delivery. Skardal A, Murphy SV, Crowell K, Mack D, Atala A, Soker S.. J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2016;():.

Biofabrication: a secret weapon to advance manufacturing, economies, and healthcare [editorial]. Pavlovich MJ, Hunsberger J, Atala A.. Trends Biotechnol. 2016;34(9):679-680.

Bioprinting 3D microfibrous scaffolds for engineering endothelialized myocardium and heart-on-a-chip. Zhang YS, Arneri A, Bersini S, Shin SR, Zhu K, Goli-Malekabadi Z, Aleman J, Colosi C, Busignani F, Dell'Erba V, Bishop C, Shupe T, Demarchi D, Moretti M, Rasponi M, Dokmeci MR, Atala A, Khademhosseini A.. Biomaterials. 2016;110():45-59.

Potential use of autologous renal cells from diseased kidneys for the treatment of renal failure. George SK, Abolbashari M, Jackson JD, Aboushwareb T, Atala A, Yoo JJ.. PLoS One. 2016;11(10):e0164997.

Organoid-on-a-chip and body-on-a-chip systems for drug screening and disease modeling. Skardal A, Shupe T, Atala A.. Drug Discov Today. 2016;21(9):1399-1411.

Engineering of corporal tissue constructs using non-human primate and human corpus cavernosal smooth muscle and endothelial cells for clinical applications [abstract]. Ju Y, Somara S, Baume A, Dean A, Zambon J, Williams J, Allickson J, Yoo J, Terlecki R, Atala A, Jackson J.. J Sex Med. 2016;13(5 Suppl 1):S1-S2.

Perinatal stem cells as an anti-inflammatory treatment for lung disease [abstract]. Khoury O, Tan J, Jackson J, Lim R, Wallace R, Atala A, Murphy S.. Pediatr Pulmonol. 2016;51(Suppl 45):277-278.

The effect of collagen hydrogel on 3D culture of ovarian follicles. Joo S, Oh SH, Sittadjody S, Opara EC, Jackson JD, Lee SJ, Yoo JJ, Atala A.. Biomed Mater. 2016;11(6):065009.

Progressive muscle cell delivery as a solution for volumetric muscle defect repair. Kim JH, Ko IK, Atala A, Yoo JJ.. Sci Rep. 2016;6():38754.

Controlled delivery of stem cell-derived trophic factors to treat acute kidney injury [abstract]. Kim D, Yim H, Chung H, Shing B, Moon K, George S, Ko I, Atala A, Yoo J.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2016;22(Suppl 1):S136.

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Professor, Urology
Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Clinical Interests

Urology, Adolescent Urology, Microsurgery, Pediatric Urology, Reconstructive Urology
Anthony J. Atala, M.D.

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*Dr. Atala has a good bed-side manner and genuine care for my other children.


I like *Dr. Itala, he is always so thorough. We love him.


Very kind.




After waiting close to 3 hours he return and greeted us as if he had just met. He did not realize we have been waiting for him to return.


Dr. Atala is by far the best urologist I know, and Eva (my daughter, patient) has unfortunately had to go through quite a few. We finally found him after multiple local doctors in Charlotte who could never figure out what was wrong with her health. Atala pinned the problem immediately, scheduled testing, and planned a solution. The amount of time he spends with us every visit is impressive and he is always thorough. I trust him fully in his knowledge, and he listens to what I have to say as a parent. It's a true testimony when a child looks forward to and even sometimes counts down the days to when she can go visit her doctor. Atala is a big deal in our house.


I was very impressed with *Dr. Atala and how he cared for my daughter and wanted to find the cure immediately.


*Dr. Atala was great!

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