Learn About Our Patient Satisfaction Survey

We want to make sure we’re offering the best possible healthcare experiences. That's why we partner with a third-party vendor for patient satisfaction surveys. 

We believe that providing access to provider ratings and comments gives current and future patients valuable insight into what other patients have experienced. And that helps them make more informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider. 

Who receives the survey? 

Patients who get care at Atrium Health medical practices will receive the survey shortly after appointments. It will be sent through email or text message. 

Why don't I see patient ratings and comments for every provider? 

Currently, we are publishing ratings and comments for providers (doctors, nurses, etc.) who see patients in an Atrium Health medical practice, have at least 30 returned surveys and are employed by Atrium Health. 

What survey questions are used for the ratings? 

Patient Satisfaction Survey Question

After your visit, you may receive a survey to answer some of the questions below about your experience with a doctor, physician assistant (PA), nurse practitioner (NP) or specialist.  If your child is 12 or younger, please answer the questions based on your child’s and your experience. 

Do you feel like your provider: 

  1. Listened to you?
  2. Cared about you?
  3. Included you in decisions about your care?
  4. Showed concern about your problem or condition?
  5. Clearly explained your problem or condition?
  6. Clearly explained your treatment and follow-up instructions?
  7. Addressed your questions and concerns?

How do you use the survey results? 

Within Atrium Health, we use survey results to better understand what is important to our patients and how we can improve healthcare experiences.